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How does this look.. Ringworm?

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I am sure most of you know I believe Monet has Ringworms on his ear.


I've taken a few pics.. and I'd like your opinions. Please, before you suggest taking him to the vet, I'd like to try to avoid that as Monet gets extremely stressed at the vet that he turns 'feral', and he'd have to be sedated. he was in 3 weeks ago for a checkup and it was a nightmare. I'd like to try to avoid the vet unless absolutely necessary.


Please take a look at the pics below and let me know what you think is the issue. the pics are two different ears. I can try to take more if requested. Don't mind the greasy fur.. its from the Lamisil


ETA: I forgot to mention.. the lesions does not seem to bother Monet at all. no scratching or shaking of his head. 


thank you


Taken Sunday evening, right ear:




The following two were taken tonight. I can't tell if there's an improvement or not.

left ear:



Right ear:


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I am honestly not sure.  When I had Bear - also a black cat - he developed a ring shaped spot that looked just like that on his front leg.  I thought for sure it was ringworm...but it wasn't.  I treated it with hydrocortisone and it went away.  Here is a picture of what his looked like.  I was absolutely sure it was ringworm...but it wasn't.



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Blue.. Was the spot scabby? I forgot to mention that Minets lesions are scabby, especially around the edges
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I'm taking him in tonight. it's bothering me more than it's bothering him!


so NOT looking forward to his stressing and the sedation :(

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That does look suspiciously like ringworm frown.gif.... I would have a culture done to rule it out OR at least find out if that is what you are dealing with. The hair/spore culture takes about a week because they have to see of the fungus grows. In the meantime, I would keep applying the anti-fungal cream. That is what I would do - get the culture. I think I paid about $40.00 for the culture a few month's back. Keep us posted and more vibes for Monet and hugs for you hugs.gifhugs.gifhugs.gifhugs.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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40 bucks for a culture? plus sedation and office fees and possible meds.. there goes my Christmas bonus, lol


thanks for your input 

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All they need are a few hairs on the infected area. Would Monet have to be sedated for that... frown.gif. You know, you could just ask the vet for the medication to treat ringworm and just go ahead and treat Monet for it if you don't want to bring him in to the vet. Just an option - see what your vet thinks. Since Monet gets so very stressed going to the vet - your vet might just consider giving you the oral medication for ringworm and the ointment for the ears. Sorry you are dealing with this and poor Monet too hugs.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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Thanks for the vibes!


I took him in. The vet was relucent to take him out of the carrier, and she agrees against sedating and stressing him out just to take a culture. She peeked at the ears through the carrier, and agrees they are most likely ringworm. 


She gave me a toothbrush and ziplock bags for me to take cultures myself. I'll have to brush him thoroughly with the toothbrush, and get his ears last.. even plucking some hair from his ears. I'll have to do this tomorrow since he's a bit cranky now.. Once that's done, I'll have to drop off the brush and wait a week or so for results.


I have a feeling it's severe since this morning on one ear, along the edge of the ear had a strip of hair loss (second picture in first post).. but when I came home from work, the strip turned to the size of a quarter hair loss :( She was relucent on giving me medication until the lab results come back with confirmation.. but she told me to continue applying lamisil cream and to use lamisil powder in all spots he sleeps in (including my bed!).. I'll have to get some tomorrow since the store on my way home didn't have any (but I did get the spray, maybe that'll be easier to apply than the cream!)


The culture test is around $80 she said. Thankfully she didn't charge me for the office visit since she didn't do anything hands on with him, and THANKFULLY we decided against sedating him and putting him through the stress. This also saves me money, stress from me and Monet!


Now I'll have to wait and see the confirmation. ugh.

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When I got my kitten from a shelter he had ringworm. The vet did a culture and it came back negative. He started losing hair above his eyes and it spread up to his ears into big black scab. The vet was skeptical that it was ringworm and the only way i found out was that i ended up getting it on my arms!
He got put on a cream, which my vet told me you can use regular human ringworm cream on their ears/above their eyes. I did this but because we went for so long without knowing what it was, it was a really bad case and he had to go on antibiotics as well.



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One of the best ways I have found over the years between animals and kids to test at home is a black lights. I always try and keep one bulb on hand. A quick switch out and under the light they go. Something about it makes them glow in the rays. I hope your baby gets cleared up soon

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I actually ordered a black light strip from amazon the other day. it should arrive today or tomorrow. I am glad to hear positive feedback on using it!


Stevie, thanks for your input! Ringworm is really a hassle to work with!

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Ringworm usually glows under a black light but sometimes it does not. When it does, it's really clear that they have it. When it doesn't you still can't rule it out.

Even if the black light you ordered doesn't confirm your suspicions, it's a great tool to locate pee spots around your house. You'll use it for other purposes.
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I forgot about using black light for urines. Thanks for reminding me :)

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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post

Ringworm usually glows under a black light but sometimes it does not. When it does, it's really clear that they have it. When it doesn't you still can't rule it out.
Even if the black light you ordered doesn't confirm your suspicions, it's a great tool to locate pee spots around your house. You'll use it for other purposes.

yeah.gif I was just coming on to post this idea for you too biggrin.gif!!! Not all ringworm will glow - bright bright green - but it just might and then you will have your answer for sure. As Amy say, it is good for locating pee spots too bluelaugh.gif Good luck and mega vibes vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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Sorry...just getting back to this thread.  Bear did have crusties on and off in that area, but it was not terribly crusty or scaby.  It does look like Monet has more crust than Bear did.


Good luck with the toothbrushing of the kitty...sounds like a blast!  ;)  Let us know the results!

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I got my black light today. Didn't get the chance to try it as I had to get back to work.


Monet actually enjoyed the tooth 'brushing'.. though I had a hard time getting his back feet. the vet said to get his feet and the inside of his front paws as thats where they scratch and groom and should collect spores.


I hope I got enough, will be dropping it off at the vet after work tonight. Will post about the black light too later

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Good luck!  I hope you can get some answers!


I was reading your other thread about how nutso Monet goes at the vet and just wanted to sympathize.  Blue is the SAME way!  He is a totally different cat when he even so much as gets near the carrier.  He hisses, growls, screams, drools, name it.  He gets so stressed out that it takes him hours to recover even once he is home.  :(  When he had to go back this morning for the x-rays, the vet had me give him 1/4 of a sedative that she sent home last night for him.  He konked out on the drive down to the vet (an hour away) and was pretty well out of it when he went in.  It really cut down on the drooling and freaking out.  When he woke up in the cage at the vet today (he had to spend the day and come home with hubby), he was fine.  He still wasn't his purring, head-butting, happy self, but definitely better than yesterday.  You may want to ask your vet about the mild sedative and see if she can give it to you to administer to Monet an hour before a visit...just to save all of you some heartache.


Keep us posted on the ringworm.

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The black light isn't showing anything. Nothing in litter box either for urine. Guess it doesnt work
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Ringworm shows up on the blacklight in 60-70% of the cases, so it isn't a fail-safe.


Also, if you already used the bleach on the spots, the ringworm may well be dead, already.

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I tested the black light in the litter box where one should see something right? Nothing.

I did use bleach but Monet is still getting worse. The spots are getting bigger and scabbier. Maybe it's not ringworm after all? I will have to wait a week or so until culture results come in
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What kind of blacklight did you use?  If it's an incandesent bulb type, that won't work.  It needs to be one of the little fluorescent bulb types. 


And it's always possible it's a flea allergy or something.  Good for you for getting a scraping and culture.

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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post

What kind of blacklight did you use?  If it's an incandesent bulb type, that won't work.  It needs to be one of the little fluorescent bulb types. 


And it's always possible it's a flea allergy or something.  Good for you for getting a scraping and culture.

This is what I got. I bought the penny one and just paid shipping. Guess it's not the right one?


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As a human who had ringworm once (my real name is Molly, so everyone called me Molly Ringworm...), I'd be surprised to hear it's ringworm if he isn't scratching it. I had to keep mine covered because I would claw at it madly... I'd rub it against anything I could to try to get the itching to stop. Mine personally wasn't scabby, it was honestly more... oozy. But I'm also not a cat. 2cents.gif

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The bald spots on the ears are spreading :( he has now lost over 50% of the fur on his ears. The skin is very crusty and greyish.


I dont know how I am going to wait a week for the culture results :(


Molly, The vet says ringworm isn't always itchy for cats (and humans). depends on the type I guess :(


I am almost wondering if its an allergy since Cassie and I don't have any skin issues going on.


Below is a pic I took just now. you can see the difference compared to the pics in the first post:


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Well.... hair loss from allergies is usually due to the itching though. Is he itching at all? Nibbling on his feet? These are the typical signs of an allergy.

And while there are sometimes hives, "crusty" isn't - in my experience anyway - something associated with problems with allergies (and I have me and Chumley to go by LOL). I get itchy, or big red splotches, or hives, and my skin can be dry... but not crusty. Chum just had the itchies, and "mowed" his hair because of that.

That said.... since it isn't improving (and is getting worse!) on the lamisil, I'm wondering if it's something else, like a yeast or skin mite kind of problem, not a fungus? dontknow.gif

Bummer the vet didn't reach in there to do a quick skin scraping. Our vet was able to tell us right then and there if it was a bacteria/parasite/yeast problem.

vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Neither the vet or I thought about skin scraping. I am going to call and see if there's anything else she can suggest.

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It could be a fungus of some other type.  My dog Rosco has horrible allergies and he gets staph infection when he scratches (because, lucky him, he is allergic to his own staph too!).  Poor dog scratches CONSTANTLY despite baths, creams, allergy shots, steroids, etc. 


I do know that bear ended up having a horrible allergy to foods and that the food allergies were what was causing his horrific diarrhea.  He got the bald spot about the same time as the diarrhea started, but he never itched.  Of course, it was not nearly as scabby as Monet's and it did not spread. 


Hope you get some answers soon!  Not knowing is the worst!

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Originally Posted by BlueRexBear View Post



Hope you get some answers soon!  Not knowing is the worst!

I hate not knowing! I now wished I got the vet to do a scraping anyway, but I didn't think about it and it doesn't look anything parasite/mite/yeast related. That stuff's (According to google) is mostly in the ear and is usually painful/itchy.


It's gotta be a fungus of sort or an allergy 

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Because of this thread: and how well it worked, and how quickly it worked, I just did some research on colloidal silver. Turns out it's an excellent treatment for ring worm. Feel free to google it - you'll turn up heaps of stories on how it cleared it right up (in people and animals). And if it's a bacterial thing, it would clear that up too.

Silver has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which is why it's used in so many human medical devices (especially catheters). agree.gif Some people even ingest the stuff, though there's no research on any benefits to it.

But the point is it is a safe, apparently mild treatment - and works when nothing else has. agree.gif Here is a great article on what to look for and how to use it on cats:

Given the black light isn't definitive, and you won't have results for a while.. it sure can't hurt to try this. Well - even if the results come back positive. agree.gif Of course it never hurts to chat with your vet about it. smile.gif
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Oh right - I should add, I do think you want to look for colloidal silver that is 500ppm. agree.gif
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