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My Cat is Limping.

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I came home fromwork today and I noticed that my 3 yr old cat was limping. She is able to walk but she is walking with a limp. I can tell she is in pain because she is a bit cranky. She wont let me check her. I have a kitten about 9 months old and she is extremely playful. I'm guessing they were playing and she must have hurt herself. If I could I would take her to the vet tomorrow but this is a tough time for me financially. I hope she just pulled something. I will give it a day or two and hopefully there will be improvement. I am not a hundred percent clear that it is even her back leg. It seems to be that by the way she is walking. Is there anything else I should be watching out for that would cause her to limp? Maybe I will isolate the two cats for a while just so my older cat can get some rest. I hope it is nothing serious. Any feed back would be helpful.


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Hello scaredyandgaga,


I have been a foster home for a local cat rescue for about 2 years now.  Our home specializes in kittens with distemper, kittens with severe upper respiratory and mother cat with kittens.  When everyone is finally healthy they start ripping around here like their tails are on fire.  We've seen our fair share of injuries.  Our director has always said watch for 12 hours very closely.  Look for swelling at the site, drooling, increased temperature and rapid breathing.  Any of these things are are trip to the vet.  Expect them to lay around and not be themselves.  I've done ice in a zip-lock back wrapped in a dish towel and layed on the site for no more than 5 minutes at a time.  If its a sprain it will slowly improve.  


You mentioned she won't let you check it.  We have used a towel to secure our fosters, just so we can get a look say at the pads of her paw.  Could she have something in it?  


Kittens have a way of talking the older cat into engaging in some good ol' fashioned fun! Mostly it's good for them (a little exercise never hurt anyone), but sometimes they go a little beyond their limit.  Separating them won't hurt anything and your 3 year old may appreciate the time to heal.  So, check her through out the night for the things mentioned above.  If she is the same or worse in anyway, try to get her into your regular vet.  Waiting through out the day will only cost you more in the long run if you have to take her to an animal emergency clinic.  Plus, the option to do a pymt plan is NOT available there.  Your kitties vet will be your best bet for that.  Mine has taken half up front and agreed to a post dated check or two to be deposited at an agreed upon time.  It is a tough time for us all financially, but I bet your vet will work with you if it comes down to it.


Best to you and please update as to the status of your girl!

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Surely is possible they two had some rough play and your 3 yr. old got injured. I have had that from time to time. If you kitty is eating, drinking, using the litter box and otherwise acting normal and the limp does not progress then I would just watch closely. Might be a good idea to separate them for a day or two so she can rest. I would also just call the vet and run it past them - if there is anything else you can do or watch for. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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Thanks. She is due for a visit to the Vet soon but I was planning to do it in mid february, I may have to do it sooner. She is walking a bit better today. Still limping a little though. She has put on some weight. Her belly is bigger for sure. I have been trying to get her to drop a few pounds by feeding her wet food and less dry. As far as breathing goes she has been a heavy breather since I adopted her. She sounds like she smokes a pack a day some times. I always attributed it to her weight.

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Dear Foster Mama,


I have a similar problem with my two year old cat. I noticed that he was limping today on his front right paw. He is still climbing stairs and jumping from the bed. He's walking with a limp and when he sits he holds it up.. I just got my 10month old cat 3 weeks ago and she is finally coming out of her shell.. so i think they were playing in the middle of the night and he landed wrong.. I think the joint that is bothering him would be equivalent to our wrist. I dont want to take him to the vet right now, but will take him if it is still a problem tomorrow or thursday . My question to you is: Should I put ice on my cats leg? Is it good for him? There is no blood. There is nothing stuck in his paw or pads.. its not really that swollen but i can tell its tender when i touch it.. 


Thank you.

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Dear Foster Mama,


I have a similar problem with my two year old cat. I noticed that he was limping today on his front right paw. He is still climbing stairs and jumping from the bed. He's walking with a limp and when he sits he holds it up.. I just got my 10month old cat 3 weeks ago and she is finally coming out of her shell.. so i think they were playing in the middle of the night and he landed wrong.. I think the joint that is bothering him would be equivalent to our wrist. I dont want to take him to the vet right now, but will take him if it is still a problem tomorrow or thursday . My question to you is: Should I put ice on my cats leg? Is it good for him? There is no blood. There is nothing stuck in his paw or pads.. its not really that swollen but i can tell its tender when i touch it.. 


Thank you.


he post you are questioning is over a month old, so you may not receive any responses.  Since it has already been over a day, how is he doing today?  Still holding that paw up?  Did you take him to the Vet, or at least give them a call?  As to whether you should ice it or not, that is not really something we can say or not, not knowing your cat or his hiistory.  That is something that your Vet should determine.  Sorry.  Hope he is better today


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Thank you for the reply- yes I just googled "my cat is limping" and that's what came up.. haha


Ziggy is doing better. I took him to the vet two days ago and they think he sprained it... They gave him some pain meds and told me to keep him in a room for a week. He is now walking on it with a limp... not holding it up like he was on Tuesday. 


I am nervous about my other cat Max, ever since I introduced my a new cat (Tabby) into the home i've had nothing but problems with the cats.. Tabby has adapted well, but i'm sure she's the one who gave Zig a work out to sprain his paw.. Max on the other hand, has become ill... When I took Tabby to her first vet appointment, a week after i adopted her... the vet told me she had tested positive for worms.... now since she was in the house for a week i had to give my other two cats the worm medicine too... I noticed Max  was acting strange after two doses of the medicine and took him to the vet last sunday.. The vet said that he has a fever, and gave him some meds and to stop the worm med. Then, right before I took Zig to the vet on Tuesday night, Max started minorly limping on his back left leg... So i didn't hesitate and brought him along to Ziggy's appointment. At the vet Max wouldn't show that he was limping, but the vet checked and didnt give him anything for it.. He is still not walking right.. he's taking a shorter stride on his back left then his back right... He hasn't been as active since he had obtained the fever and hasn't even gotten up to look at Tabby... so i'm just thinking hes just not active.... But two cats limping in one day? Max was walking on it, not holding his leg up like Zig was.. But max screams at me every time i try to pick him up or shift him if he is sitting on my lap, which is not like him.. 


Any thoughts? 


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Sounds like Max is definitely in discomfort.  But you already took him in the be checked and the Vet didn't find anything wrong with him?  Did he thoroughly exam that leg, or just kind of ignore it since he wasn't limping at that time?  I'd call the Vet back and explain what he's doing. 


It sounds like they all got in some sort of tussle and the two boys got the worse end of it.  Is Tabby a younger, sprier cat?  Are the boys seniors?  I know in my house, my two "teens" completely run over my senior guy, who's arthritic anyway, so he just tries to stay out of the way as best he can, poor guy frown.gif

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I came home from school today and my cat came to me crying and limping, the limp is now twitching. She's just laying down making a "rrrrrrrr" sound. I also can't get her to a vet because money is very tight right now. She won't let me touch her, nor will she let any other animals go near her, we also have a dog and she recently had kittens. I'm not sure how I can help her, all I want is for her to be ok. She is also only 3 D: please help!
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I am not sure if your problem was the same as mine. Do you know if she has a fever? When my cats were limping they both had fevers and a limp leg. The vet wasn't sure how the two were connected but some how they were. The doctor put them on Baytrill for 7 days. This is a pill that they prescribe. This happened right after they got their second round of shots. At that time we had adopted a new cat, Tabby. When she took her to get her second round of shots a few months ago, a few weeks later she had a fever also and was limping. I took her to the vet and reminded them of my other two cats and they gave her the Baytrill and she was fine. No more fever, no more limping. 


I would recommend to take her to the vet, but I am no doctor. Just another person who has three cats and doesn't like vet bills. 



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Any time the back legs are involved, like when they can't close them when lying on their side, and a fat belly is noted be sure to check for urinary blockage, especially a male.


My cat is limping, but we already went through that and I've checked him thoroughly and he isn't in pain... I attribute it to a shoulder injury when he was  a stray and was hit by a car.  The muggy weather brings on arthritis.

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This is how mine acted when his belly blew up and he could not put one leg down while lying on his side.


With your hands, feel his lower stomach to see that it is not distended and full of urine or he could die.


Mine has a sore shoulder, but was slated to go to the vet tomorrow anyway... and there seems to be no fever or swollen belly so I will just tell them to check it out then. Another time this happened they found nothing.

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Dear Kristine, what did you ever find out about your cats sore paw. You described exactly my cat. He will let me examine it and I see nothing but he limps and when resting , holds it in the air.

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Hi Jennifer,


I really have no idea what was wrong with my limping cats. And neither does the vet. It is very strange to me. All we know is that when they get their booster shots, they begin to limp and get fevers. Has she recently had a shot? They first thought that Ziggy sprained it, but nothing helped until he was on medication. My vet prescribed them with Baytrill for 7 days and, whatever IT was, went away. It may have been a reaction to the booster shots, it was just very strange how all three of my cats had this problem. I have tried to find any information possible on this and I can't figure anything out. All i know is that the Baytrill worked, and they haven't had a problem since. If you do find out any information, could you please post it? I am curious.


Is she still limping?


Sorry I'm not much help,


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Frankie is 2yr old male outside cat. He walks fine, can jump off the counter, has no swelling of his paw pad, but limps at times and holds his paw up when sitting as if he wants us to know it hurts. I called the Vet and of course they want tests done, and an antibiotic given. I looked up Baytril and it says it can cause blindness. I think I will pray for him and see what happens. Thanks for replying.

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Oh goodness, I looked it up too but i didnt find anything about blindness. I hope my cats will be okay.

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Our cat came home limping (front left paw) we left it a day to see if he got better but his paw became swollen (hard to spot on a long haired cat) so we took him to the vet. Turns out he had been bitten between the pads and it was infected. He was is a lot of pain and we didn't realise. The vet cleaned it all up and removed the pus. He got prescribed anti inflammatories and antibiotics and has to wear a cone over his head for a week to stop him interfering with the paw. I'm so glad we took him in - it cost £80 and I have peace of mind. If I had waited another 24hrs who knows how badly he could have been infected. 

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Cats hide pain so well, it is a protection against predators thinking they are weak. I am glad you found the problem quickly and he is getting better.
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My marbled queen cat started limping on her front left leg a few days ago, but did walk on it as well. Today she is limping bad again so I checked out her pad, nothing wrong there, she let me touch all round her leg so no breaks and came to the conclusion it's a sprain or pulled muscle or tendon.


I read on here many times that people can't afford a vet. Is this because it's not covered on the cats insurance or they don't have insurance!? My cats (2 sisters) were expensive and got them insured from a few weeks old after I paid all the jabs etc. I would hate to think after paying all I do that my cat is not covered. It's the price of a few drinks a week, are the cats not worth it? Any ideas would help.:argh:

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As you have read here, limping can have many causes. If you cannot find an obvious cause (thorn in paw, broken claw, bite wound etc) and the cat is still bad after a couple of days' rest, then a vet trip is in order. It could be arthritis, an abscess, a fracture or the symptom of an illness.

I do not understand if you have a question about insurance. Sometimes events overtake people, so that through job loss or other misfortune they suddenly cannot afford what they thought was easy. And sometimes people acquire pets without thinking of the forward costs. All I know is that I would never take on any animal if there were any chance that I would not be able to meet all its needs, whatever they were.
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Well said jennyranson. My point was the same, people will go for a night out and think nothing of what they are spending. There pet is left with no insurance to get on with it. It costs me £10 a month for full insurance on my two cats, not because of the breed but because they are part of the family. Some people do sicken me!
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Incidentally my cat seemed to get over this herself and is running round like a kitten now. I suspect it was a sprain or similar. Of course cats have the ability to heal much faster than we do God bless my little angels.


Whenever my disabled husband is particularly ill they will go and lie around him on the bed! They know.

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My cat Fuzzy is not like any other. My cat was recued and placed into our family by May. It was said to be born in somewhat February. Fuzz had multiple issues that kept adding and adding up. We took him in due to ring worm, diarrhea, mange, etc. It was so sad and we put him on medication each day. He soon left that sad spot and replaced it with a nice, playful, happy cat. This only lasted. We got him neutered sooner. He was still that healthy, happy cat, but soon worsened all over again with little things that added up like pooping on the floor in the restroom. We were tired of seeing this mess and later took him in. The vet subscribed some medication for that reason. Nothing happened, Fuzz only worsened. HIs fir is yucky and he never cleans it. Now he is not living his nine lives, but only his last. We are not seeing him play and scratch our dog in the face, but only love her for his life because he knew what we knew, he would have to die. :( We get an option, a really hard option that I need answers from right away before we make the wrong decision. A: Put him down to rest so he doesn't have to suffer the life that he has already.   B: Let him suffer like he has been his hole life without us knowing and let him live a little linger outside.                 :seesaw:          

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