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My Cat is Licking His Foot Raw.....Help

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My cat has licked his foot raw this past weekend. How can I get him to stop licking his foot so it heals? It's so red and I think it's bothering him now.

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I have seen cats with urinary problems lick their stomach or legs raw. It could also be an allergy he has developed. 


I would suggest a trip to the vet to rule out a health condition before trying to outright stop the behavior. Your kitty may well be trying to tell you something. 

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The first guess in these cases is a flea allergy.  But other stresses can be factors, so a vet check is always the first step.

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I will be making an appointment to see what's going on. I think it is due to stress since we were gone this weekend, but my girlfriend was house sitting so he wouldn't be alone.

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We had a four year old neutered male DSH that started licking his tail until it bled. I would definitely say take the kitty to the vet for a checkup. We thought Tigger might have had fleas, but no such luck....


This habit continued until the last six inches of his tail were hairless, bleeding, and scabby. My mother was so worried about the stress levels he was experiencing stressing his heart, so she brought him BACK to the vet and he went on Prozac for a year.


Now, I know this is going to sound extreme (and your case is significantly different with the leg fixation), but the vet finally told my mother that she should consider having his tail amputated - that Tigger may have been fixated on his tail as a way to reduce the stress he was feeling (the cause of which we could never determine).


Strangely enough, after much consideration and crying on my mother's and my behalf, we had his tail amputated.


The transformation was amazing! All of a sudden, Tigger was the happy, boisterous adolescent he was supposed to be! Granted, he died suddenly in his sleep when he was 9 (his heart had almost doubled in size because of the constant stress he was feeling), but for those last five years, he was MUCH happier with his little bobtail than he ever was with his real tail!


I basically told this entire story to you to encourage you to bring the cat to the vet. While it's most likely fleas (never a good thing to hear hoofbeats and think zebras instead of horses), but it's always possible that there's something else going on :)

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I don't think it's fleas since my other cats aren't scratching and/or licking themselves.

We have an appointment for Monday.

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One of my cats has allergies (definitely food allergies but we think environmental too) and he will lick the back of one foot until there is a sore there. This just started happening about a year or so ago, before that he was fine even though he had been eating the same food the whole time.

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I would be interested to hear what the vet says if you're willing to post it!

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It's a bacteria infection in between his toes. They gave him a cream for it as well as a shot.

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So glad to hear your cat is doing better. Do you know how he got this infection? I see my cats licking between their toes all the time and I couldn't imagine something going unchecked long enough for an infection to spread.

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