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Cat Name Syllables

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Have you heard that cats (and most animals) respond best to one-or two-syllable names? I was thinking of naming my new kitten Savannah (Savannah Smiles), but I'm not sure how she'd respond to that name over time, being three syllables and all. My Simon has no issues with his two-syllable name.

All the dogs and birds I've co-owned with my parents, and my current birds, have two-syllable names. I just wonder if that does make a difference or not.


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Maybe you can officially name her Savannah, but call her "Vannah" or "Savvy"? Just a thought.

P.S. Oh, I haven't seen that movie since I was a little kid! I used to LOVE that movie!
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I've heard that. . . . and also that they respond better to names ending in the eeee sound (Molly, Trixie for example).

Then again. . . . When I was a child I had a cat named Butch, another named Little One, and most recently George (they all had names established before we got them).

They all responded very well to their names (when they felt like it!).

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Originally posted by amyspear
Maybe you can officially name her Savannah, but call her "Vannah" or "Savvy"? Just a thought.

P.S. Oh, I haven't seen that movie since I was a little kid! I used to LOVE that movie!
We must be around the same age, then, because I was quite young (7-8?) when it came out. At that time, my mom worked for the movie company (Embassy) that put it out. Even as a kid, that movie made me cry. I like it's title so much, I'm still seriously considering it for my cat (who is quite a happy little thing, BTW); so it's rather fitting. And, yet, the great name debate goes on....
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Neither of my cats have names that end with the "eeee" sound, and they come when they are called (and they feel like it) just fine.

(Although Joey's name ends with the sound, he actually comes when he is called "Joseph".)
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Our Jeff is actually Jefferson or Jefferson County Animal Shelter (yes, he's named after the shelter where we got him). He comes fine to Jeff, Jeffy, Jeffery, Jefferson, Jeffersonian.

I also had a cat name Penelope and she'd answer to Pen-Pen, Penny, Penny-ella-pee, or Penelope.
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I have so many nick names for my cats, that they have to learn all their "special names as well as their given name. For example: My cat Snoopy has the "eee" sound at the end of his name, but I also call him Mr Snoopis T. Gundy and he knows that name. Sometimes I call him Snoopis and he knows that name. My cat Shane knows his one syllable non "eee" name as well as Shanana.
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Spike responds to his name, and it doesn't have the E sound at the end. And by responding, I mean, he at least looks at me, and if he feels like it, he'll come over to me.
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Boy, did I go wrong naming my cats! LOL But both Trent and Ophelia answer (at least look) to their names.
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My cats respond to their names as well as all their nicknames. The only area of confusion is when we call Tillie and Lilith (Lily is one of her nicknames) appears as well...
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we normally have nick names for them. Morphues is MoeMoe and he is the best at coming when call. Sebastian we call bastian or baby bastian. I think everyone else has one or two syllbal names.
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Peaches answers to her name very well and it doesn't end with the ee sound. Also Carmella respond pretty well to hers as well and it breaks both rules. Plus I renamed her that when I adopted her. Henrietta just doesn't come to anything. Sometimes I wonder if she is deaf but then again I've clapped my hands before to see if she responds and she seems to.
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Conventional wisdom says that it's best to keep a pet's name short, though I have not always followed that. I don't believe in talking to them in short commands, either, which some advocate.

I have heard the theory that cats respond best to names with sibilants in them ('s' sounds), and have tried to do that or something close to it. We didn't have any choice with Gryphon (though the 'ph' does come close) or Nibs. But the cats I (or we) have named ourselves have been Chinook, Percy, Shasta, Suzy, Samantha, Cindy and Fawn.

Chinook and Percy weren't in my life long enough for me to be able to comment on the success of their names. Shasta knew hers and (mostly) responded, Suzy responds well enough for it to be obvious she does know her name, but it's completely on her terms. Sam was pretty good, Cindy definitely knows and responds to hers -- again, mostly. Fawn is the least responsive to her name. I think she does know it, but she just doesn't give a hoot.

They've all had numerous nicknames, though, too, some of them quite unrelated to the given name in sound, and respond as well to them.

Gryph and Nibs did respond to their names pretty well, though, interestingly, it wasn't until they had been with us for a while that they did. My theory on that is that their previous human referred to them as "the lads", and I hunch she didn't actually call them by their names all that much. We use our kids names all the time, especially when we're getting acquainted. I hunch that that is more important than what the name sounds like.
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Sammycat will come to the name Baby cat and sumocat, Oscar responds to Oscar Doodle, and also Doodle. I think it is what they get used to hearing when you refer to them.
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I have Elmo and he comes to Palmsy, emlsy, babzey, and loonie(*eeeee*) and sophie(*eeeeee) and holly*eeeee) and yogi(*eeeeeee) and moonbear and le(*eeee) and diamoands.. and sally(*eeee), they ALL respond to names, I don't think that statement is correct, they respond more to *ee* sounds

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Yep i agree, my Alfieee and Rosieee respond to their names, unlike Grace who'll only respond to the other two's names

Gotta admit though i meow to my cats LOL
And it works! they all come running up to me and try to rub themselves against my face and meow back, they're probably thinking that at last i can talk properly!
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Originally posted by JasmineCat
Gotta admit though i meow to my cats LOL
And it works! they all come running up to me and try to rub themselves against my face and meow back, they're probably thinking that at last i can talk properly!
I wonder what you're saying to them!
I once played some various cat sounds from the internet to my cat. . . . he reacted so differently to all of them. The funniest one was "Cat #8" - he got in my lap and got all lovey dovey. . .

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i know i've often wondered that myself, it's not just my ctas that respond, so frquently will i be having a 'conversation' with the local street cat, completely oblivious to the strange looks i get from passers by!
And it's true that different meows get different responses, with one of them Grace will come up to me and hit my face as if to say stop it mummy!
Ok i'd better shut up now before you think i'm completely stark raving mad
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My kitty tend to look funny if we call them their ture names. Everyone, with the exception of Vegeta-because he's new- has a nickname, and with enough squeak in my voice I usually can get them over.
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I call Toes, Toeser or Toeser Hoser or Sir Toeser Hoser and he answers to that too.

Long and no ee sound at the end of the name.
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Thought I'd let you all know we actually have an article about how to name your cat -

I wish more people would read the articles
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