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Introducing young Mr Simmons

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OK, as I said on a previous thread, I did end up getting the Bengal kitten I saw yesturday. There was no way I could get the cat in San Diego, and I fell in love with this little guy yesturday, when I saw him. So here are some pictures of him

Pix 1
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Here's another pix of him
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And another:
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And here's one more. I think he's adorable, myself, and he is not only extremely playful but very affectionate.
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Oh Hope....
He's absolutely gorgeous! What a beauty!
I adore Bengals, let me know how he gets along with your persian.
I've always wanted a bengal, but with the persians being so laid back i'm worried it wont work.
What a stunning cat, his eyes and markings are beautiful
Give him a kiss from me!
More pics??
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He is beautful!
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I think I'm in with him. What a beautiful baby! I am also jealous as I want a Bengal also*sighs* maybe one day.
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OMG what a beauty he is .No wonder you fell in love with him , I would too I guess I missed it . So how do you got him und from where ?
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What a handsome guy!!!
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Very handsome
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Hope, Mr. Simmons is gorgeous! No wonder you fell in love with him!
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Thank you. He's also such a little sweetheart. He's very loving. Last night he curled up on the pillow right next to mine in bed and slept with me. He put one of his little paws on my face and fell asleep cuddling right next to my face. He cries for me, when I leave the room also. I can tell he's going to be a really spoiled little guy.
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I want one too He's so cute.
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awww so cute!!!
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What a sweetie pie!

Do you know if your friends every got a hold of the AZ persian rescure about the flame point? I was just curious.
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mzjazz2u-Yes my friend did contact the lady about the flame point, and the lady is going to put up a picture of the cat on her website for my friend to see. My friend told me, if she can't take the kitty, she has some friends probably will be able to. I hope everything works out for that cat.

Sicycat-I've seen a lot of Bengal rescue's in Northern CA. Alot more than they have down here in the L.A. area. As much as I would have liked to rescue that kitty in San Diego, it's probably for the best that I have a kitten, because of my elderly cat Snoopy. Snoopy doesn't have any teeth anymore, and he might night be able to deal with a grown agressive cat. Where as this kitten has to learn a bit of respect for the older guys. Not to mention, if I'd have brought in an older cat around my crazy Shane, it may have intimidated Shane too much, and there could have been trouble. As it is, Shane is not acting agressively towards this kitten at all.

This kitten is fitting in so well. He seems so happy here, so far.
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Mr. Simmons is a cutie pie!!! You should post his pics in the Bengal Pictures thread:

Congratulations on your new kitty!
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I'll have to take a some more pictures of him to put them over there, but that shouldn't be a chore. He's so cute and so fun to take pictures of.
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ohh he is sooo cute and looks like he could be related to Rocky!
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Mr. Simmons is so handsome! I can see why you fell in love with the little guy.
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What a beautiful little boy!
How big do bengals get? I don't know anything about them.
They're not like the big ones that look like tigers are they?

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Oh Hope he is sweet-
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