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Computer Techies......

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please give me your opinion of this 52x24x52 cdrw/cd-rw/cd burner! I paid $46 for it on ebay.

Sony has specially modified it's Sony Advanced Spindle (SAS) technology to allow this drive to better and more accurately spin your target media for perfect writes even on media that's, well, probably just a bit cheaper than you should have purchased. In our tests, these Sony drives didn't seem to care whether they were burning on clearance-price 32X media, or top-of-the-line 56X media, they burned everything we threw at them perfectly, error-free, and with no speed decrease either perceptible, timed, or demonstrated in the software. We give these Sony drives our highest rating and highest recommendation for quality..

52x24x52 CDRW / CD-RW / CD Burner
with PowerBurn Buffer Under-Run Protection,
Sony Advanced Spindle (SAS) for Better Media Writes
Quiet Spin, and Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) for Ripping!


CDRW Drive provided is Brand New in Manufacturer's Bulk Pack. Award-winning CD-Burner Software is INCLUDED!
This CDRW drive also works with virtually all popular CDRW burner software, including Nero, and virtually all others.

PowerBurn + Sony Advanced Spindle = More Dependable, Perfect Burns!
Great Tray Clip Design Allows Horizontal or Vertical Drive Mounting!

Supports Windows 98 / 98 Second Edition (SE) / Me / 2000 / 2003 / XP / NT / UNIX / LINUX more!
Drive Length Within New Industry Standard 198mm maximum for Easier Installation.

Solid SONY Construction Transport Mechanism, Chassis Integrity, Disc Clamp, and
Tighter-Fit Metal Cover for Less Vibration Even When Not Completely Secured by All Fasteners!
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From what I know about this kind of thing it sounds like a very good deal. Of course I am not as knowledgeable as my brother on this. I could send him an e-mail with the information attached and get his opinion on it if you want me too.
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I really don't know alot about this type of thing, so I showed this to my son who is a computer techie. He said the deal you got wasn't bad but you could have gotten an even better deal at www.newegg.com (I hope I'm passing this on accurately.)
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If you already paid for it. . . . it's probably too late. . . if you feel you didn't fair well.

My son is a computer geek. He told me that newegg.com has great deals on new equipment (for a future reference).

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Thanks everybody! I looked on the newegg.com site and the exact same thing is .01c cheaper! So I guess I didn't do too bad!
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Just make sure you have the right software to write your CDs. If the software writes at a different speed than the drive does you may have problems. I found one person who was upset with a specific CD writing software and it turned out that he had the wrong speed software for his drive.
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Thanks TTMom! I don't know anything about this since I've never burned cd's before! The drive comes with the software so I'm guessing it should be compatable! Unless they are total idiots!
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