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Which are the 5 best dry commercial cat foods?

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Which do you think are the 5 best dry cat foods that are not super expensive? I'm trying to come up with a list of good cat foods to give to adopters as suggestions. There are so many foods though I want to narrow it down to five good ones. Which dry foods would you include on a list of good foods?

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Well, I won't get into the debate about no dry food is good food...

BUT:  Costco (Kirkland brand) has a good reputation at a decent price.

If the adopter can afford it, any no-grain/low grain/low carb dry food is the best.

Taste of the Wild and Blue Buffalo are good.  On Sunday, I went shopping with the person who adopted Buckley, and picked out Blue Buffalo.  TOTW is available at higher end pet food stores.


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If I had to pick a dry food, Orijen. I like that they don't even make pet food with grains so there is no risk of the non informed picking up a different formula of their brand that has grains in it. I like Wellness Core well enough but I can see it being very easy for someone to just buy the regular Wellness cat food if Core isn't at the store and thinking that it's the same. 

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While I think a primarily moisture rich diet (canned and/or raw) is really the best way to go, these are the dry foods I have felt comfortable feeding in small amounts:


Orijen Cat and Kitten

Nature's Variety Instinct

Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Nature's Logic



I have fed Taste of the WIld and think it is decent for those who are on budget.  TOTW is grain-free, but I really think too much of the protein comes from vegetables (too many pea and potato proteins listed after chicken meal).


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Are you going for affordable and readily available, or for THE best?
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We feed Blue Wilderness Duck Dry as 50% of their daily calorie intake, and the cats are healthy, have high energy, silky coats (except Wesley does shed quite a bit but I think its genetic for him, as Buttercup really doesn't shed at all), and to date great dental health per their vet.


They also eat greenies as treats and half of their food is wet, so I can't conclusively say that the great result is from the dry, but at the very least it sure doesn't hurt!  smile.gif


No very long-term experience with other brands since I don't like to fix what is already working so well.

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My "Top Five" are as follows:


1) Evo: Chicken and Turkey-http://www.evopet.com/products/1441

2) Orijin: Cat and Kitten-http://orijen.ca/products/cat_kitten

3) Wellness Core: Fish and Fowl Recipe-http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/product-details.aspx?pet=cat&pid=23

4) Blue Buffalo: Chicken Recipe-http://bluebuffalo.com/cat-food/wilderness-chicken

5) Kirland Signature-http://shop.costco.com/In-The-Warehouse/Kirkland-Signature-Pet-Food/Cat.aspx


** Please note the following, I have only used the top three. The order in which my top three are listed, is based on my satisfaction with the product.***


I have heard great things about Blue Buffalo. However, it did not agree with my F3 Savannah. The only one that really did was Evo. The other three domestics did not care for Blue Buffalo. So, it is not in my rotation.


I would say for the average person, Kirlands brand is fine. Both ingredient wise, as well as the pocketbook/wallet.

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Nature's Variety Instinct
Wellness Core
Felidae Pure Essentials
Fromm Surf and Turf

I am currently feeding Felidae Pure Essentials. It is very reasonable consider to the top three. Fromm is overlooked and is an excellent dry food, reasonably priced as well. wavey.gif
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