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Well, I just thought I'd bring up this thread again to post this very interesting information from Dr. Becker. This wasn't available when the thread was started, but it's very informative and helpful information on colloidal silver, and includes mention of current studies.

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I'm thankful for your post and happy for your kitties...

Thank you also for taking care of the feline community around you...

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I want to thank you for taking the time to post your story and successful experience with Colloidal Silver, CS.  Also thanks for sharing such amazing photos; they should be in a calendar!   Thanks to all of you who are putting out your proven, helpful healing information.  I know that your stories will end up helping many other kitties and their heart wrenched care givers.  I want to lend support to your success story by adding mine with it.  Since I can't turn away a stray, I now have 13 cats; all neutered and spayed.  I am confident that I have a great test case study for the effectiveness of CS in fighting the feline herpes virus because all 13 cats had the exact same successful results.  Also a new friend from this site is reporting to me that her 3 cats are also showing signs of the the same, quick successful results within just 2 days of using CS.  She plans to also post her testimonial.  I have also read on another site where a medical doctor healed her cat's ulcerated eye infection with CS.  Now that is a total of 17 cats all showing the same great results without harmful side effects.  That can't be our imagination.  Those who think it is a snake oil should consider that hospitals have known about the powerful infection fighting properties of silver for years.  They use it in the best burn and wound creams and they know it is powerful and safe and have put it into the eyes of newborn babies to prevent serious eye infections.


Sorry my story is a bit long but hopefully the details will be useful and helpful to others and their pets.  Last year my house cats, at that time 7, mostly older cats, contracted the herpes virus due to one or two strays that I took in.  They were all suffering with recurring upper respiratory troubles, rapid-fire, profuse sneezing and runny eyes.  My oldest cat, Tango, ended up with a terrible eye infection and corneal ulcer that was blinding one of his eyes.  His respiratory troubles turned into pneumonia.  The outside stray tomcat, (now neutered) also developed pneumonia - a severe case, and I felt certain he would most likely die from it.  For about 2 years, my family had been successfully using Colloidal Silver to fight illnesses and infections when needed.  I had been skeptical of the many positive CS claims, but after witnessing the successful strep infection fighting properties of Colloidal Silver in my extended family, I decided to try it.  My nephew was about to be prescribed his 3rd round of antibiotics but his mother decided to try CS.  Her pharmacy is also a promoter of natural supplements and remedies and they sold it.  Anyway, in over 2 years now, thankfully, our family hasn't needed any prescription antibiotics.   We have used low strength CS (10 ppm = parts per million) as eye and ear drops and a few dropper fulls taken orally when various needs arose.  In our case, it is quicker acting and more effective for eye infections than the meds we have had prescribed.   CS helped one of us quickly, within 3 days, recover from 2 separate pneumonia illnesses.  Since we had nothing but positive results with absolutely no bad side effects, I decided to try it on my cats. 


I treated the cats twice a day with CS.  The brand my health food store sold was Sovereign Silver 10ppm in an 8 ounce bottle with dropper for about $35.  My sister used a different brand and also had great results so I am not pushing any certain brand.  I recommend anyone interested to go to Amazon and read reviews on the different brands of CS and decide for themselves.  By the way, it is nearly tasteless and very easy to give; much like distilled water -that is what it is made in.  


I gave each cat 2 or 3 drops in each eye, and in each nostril while tilting their head up.  I also gave each cat the tiny dose of 1 cc (=1 ml) squirted in their mouth with a syringe -in order to keep the dropper clean.  I did this twice a day for about a week.  By the end of the week, Tango's eye COMPLETELY cleared up from that blinding corneal ulcer and infection.  I wish I had taken before photos but I never expected to have such great results by using CS on this stubborn illness; although I was hoping and praying.  I may have gotten an accidental photo of him with his bad eye when taking kitty photos.  I need to look through my old photo folders and see.  Also before he contracted the herpes virus he was developing slight cataracts in both eyes.  Now both of his eyes look completely clear!  I have read of people claiming to no longer need cataract surgery due to CS clearing their eyes.  That was a hard claim for me to believe, but I have to admit that Tango's eyes now seem to be cataract free.


I gave the tomcat with pneumonia an additional 2 oral doses throughout the day - four in all.  Within 3 and a half days he recovered and was up and able to eat again. For the year we had been feeding the stray tomcat, we had noticed he him having recurring fits of hacking coughing jags.  It has been about 8 months since I treated them all with CS and we haven't heard him have any of those coughing jags since.  All of the cats stopped having runny eyes and respiratory troubles -no more snot and profuse sneezing.  They all used to cycle through the terrible illness every 3 weeks; sick for one or two weeks and then mostly well for 3 weeks then the sickness would start up again, repeating this cycle over again.  After the CS treatments it was obvious that they all felt much better because they became more active and playful again.  I have one cat that will have one sneeze maybe once a week and rarely one will have a drippy eye.  They have all been well for about 8 months now.


Now, I am certain that they must still carry the herpes virus because I integrated 5 weaned kittens with them after their CS treatment.  (I took in a sickly stray pregnant cat.)  My vet told me to watch them and when they developed runny eyes or URI's she would prescribe some antibiotics.  2 or 3 of them did develop drippy eyes.  I only treated them with drops of CS plus I put about 5 squirts in their quart size ceramic (not metal) water bowl every time I cleaned and refilled it.   They are now 6 months old and as of last week all fixed (hurray -no threat of more kitties).  They have never, ever developed any other symptoms of the herpes virus.  I only treated the ones with runny eyes a few times and they have been clear ever since.  


A side note: I should mention that these were not healthy kittens.  I have been battling a horrendous coccidia protozoa infestation that their mother gave them ever since they were born.  It was an absolute nightmare.  The mother kept exploding uncontrollable diarrhea all over them and her and the confined room they were in.  I tried many vet prescribed treatments but finally gave up on her when she got to where she didn't want to eat.  I spent a week slowly weaning the kittens a bit early.  I felt horrible having her euthanized but I was completely wore out with washing kittens and bleaching and disinfecting everything, it took all of my time, plus the vet was running out of suggestions and I was running out of money.  Thanks to the help from this great site, mainly catwoman707, I found a medicine that would finally help my kittens (Marquis paste); a medicine my vet was unfamiliar with but willing to prescribe for me.  All of my cats are now rid of the nasty protozoa and my sickest and favorite kitten is now doing so well; no more constant leaky exploding back end and well on his way toward having solid bowel movements for the first time in his 6 month life.  He is much more happy and has had 3 weeks now without troubles.  My life is much more enjoyable now too.  No more explosions on us while cuddling this cute kitten, no more accidents to clean, no more washing the kitty, and no more scooping the boxes 6 times a day!!!


 Our family's beloved babies are all happy and well now.  I am so thankful that I found how powerful and useful Colloidal Silver is at fighting any infection.  I will never be without it.


I hope and pray that this information will benefit other precious kitties and their smitten people.

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Hello to all  my fellow animal lovers.  I will start by saying that three years ago I went to pick up the sweetest little being to ever enter my life.  He is a Persian kitty and his name is Spencer.  He was so sickly from the very start and we treated him every few days for weeks at the Vet and received medicine and medicine and more medicine and it seemed as soon as he got better he would get sick again.  Finally my vet said she suspected he had Feline Herpes.  So we started on a round of lysine to see how he would react and he started to get better.  I still had to treat him with eye meds because that seemed to be an ongoing problem.  So then we got Sissy and Jax the next year and I had no idea that they too would get the Feline herpes from Spencer but I now know alot more than I used to.  So they all threee get lysine daily and I have special things I have to do for the Persians eyes to keep them healthy but about two months ago Jax got weepy eyes and a cough and sneezing despite being on the lysine so we treated him at the vet and they changed his meds three times and we even got a second opinion and no one had any idea what to do for him next.  We tried every kind of eye drops and the end result was his eyes were pussy and swollen and starting to look very cloudy.  Nothing worked and he didnt want to eat or drink.  I was desperate and joined this site.  I started to read other peoples testimonies and ideas thinking I might be able to find something to present to my vet to help Jax.  Then I noticed there were people saying that Colloidal Siver had worked for things such as what Jax was suffering from as well as injuries and such so I private messaged someone who was so kind as to message me back so my questions could be answered.  She (Lisa) is an angel because I ordered some of the CS and I started using it five days ago.  First a little in their water and then when I saw they were not having any bad side effects I started putting drops in Jax and Spencers eyes.  The very first day Jax was able to open his eyes and the infection was less and less everyday and today there is no sign of the infection in his eyes at all.  Five days ....I also stated giving some by mouth to him three days ago which was 2 days after I started the drops by eyes and he no longer has a cough at all and no sneezing at all and he is eating and drinking as if he was never even sick.  This morning I was in tears as I watched my little Jax romp and play as I made coffee.  He hasnt done that in a couple months.  So if anyone is wondering if this stuff is worth trying I have to say I am so grateful for this site and for a kind person taking the time to help me help my sweet kitty.  So from here on I know I have the power to help them when even the veterinarian was at a loss.  



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