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Cat Site Cat

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Hey.... I have one of them too!!!
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Me too!!!! Actually, I think Snowball just guards my computer!!!
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Hi...just wondering how you attach pictures in the message. when I tried previewing my message, the picture didn't show up as either an attachment or as an image within the message. I didn't want to send a bogus message if the picture didn't come through...I don't understand how it works.

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etu22 , I never preview my messages . I go browse and after I found what i want click on the pic and open then it is attached . I do read my message again after i finish writing and thats it . Good luck
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When you attach a pic, it doesn't show up in the preview, so you just have to trust that it will be there once you post. It's worked for me every time.
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Peaches just guards the CatSite too!

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What beauties! My cats always do this!:
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He's a busy kitty.
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Heres Morgan laying on me while I was reading TCS I hope it attaches.
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Aww cutie pie!!!!!!

Shouldnt you trim those collars though?
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hi sicy (and everyone else)

here is that pic of Nelson in front of TCS at home last night.

If you look closely in the background on the computer screen you can see Zoey rolling around on that catnip/honeysuckle pillow.

ps: Nick my hubby thought your Zoey looked like a cool cat!
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lol!! Tell Nick thanks!

How can you get anything done with Nelson in your way?
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it can be very hard to get my homework done when the cats decide that they are interested in what I am doing!!

Sometimes they type odd sentances in my work and I have to be careful that I catch them and delete them.

It is hard to push Nelson (or Zoe) out of the way though when he jumps up and purrs and starts rubbing his face against mine - I am such a sucker!
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In training to be a Cat-Site-Cat, but it makes her sooooo sleepy!
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So sister MindyBelle decided she would be a Cat-Site-Cat too. Have to do everything together you know.
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