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Scabs on the back of my cats neck

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My 6 month old, short haired, calico cat Roman has some scabs on the back of her neck. The scabs either tend to fall off or Roman will scratch them off and a small lump usually remains. She's an indoor cat, and has had flea and worm treatment and otherwise is in perfect health. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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Is she spayed, and do any male cats have access to her?
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Nope, she's not been in contact with any other cats since I got her when she was 8 weeks, and no she hasn't been spayed yet.

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The reason I ask is that we often see those sores caused by attempts at mating.

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Nope I don't think she has been in any contact with any other cats, she did display some signs of going into heat though.

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Tony once had sores on his chin.  Dr. said it was feline acne.  He gave us some medication, but they told us to always use ceramic dishes for their food, not the plastic ones.   I don't think your situation is the same as this though.  He hasn't had the problem since we discarded the plastic food dishes.

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Both of Roman's dishes are ceramic, and these sores are kind of more of the back of her neck, not near the front like in feline acne.

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This is probably unlikely, but one of my cats once had flea allergy dermatitis despite being on flea treatment.  The vet said either the stuff I was using (Frontline) wasn't working or my kitty's skin had made contact with or bitten by fleas before the Frontline killed them.  We switched flea treatments, and the vet gave my cat a cortisone shot to calm the inflammation.

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If you're certain she's had no contact with males (or confused happens, when a cat goes into heat), then flea allergies jump to mind.  Has she worn a collar?  Does she have the habit of sticking her head in some hole around the house, or out of a box, or some such thing?  Is there anything she might come in contact with on a regular basis, such as a cleaning agent?  Mind you, all this is just shooting in the dark, thinking of some things we've seen before.

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