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Sasha's got a cold

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He's been sneezing and snorting for a week now. He has been on Clavamox since it started, with no relief. Last night, his breathing started to sound a bit labored, as if he was wheezing. We got him in to the vet this AM, and he ended up with a shot of Baytril and some NeoPoly eyedrops. He's to get Baytril pills now twice a day for the next 12 days. Thank goodness none of the others are sneezing. He is negative for FeLk and FIV, we had those tests run just to be safe.

I hesitate to ask for Board Magic for a cold, but he seems pretty miserable. Any good thoughts you could send his way would be appreciated!

BTW, he weighs 19 lbs! The vet called him "Monster Kitty"!
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the baytril is what FINALLY cleared stormy up. She was sooo sick, poor little thing! I doubled up on the gse and it seems to have cured the other ones. Kitty colds are so hard to get rid of! I hope none of your other guys catch it!!
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Hope your Ragdolly feels better soon.
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Sending some good kitty vibes your way!!
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Like we'd ever horde our board magic away from Sasha. Hope the little guy feels better soon.
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Snowball also is sick and nothin was working for him . So the vet gave him some tap. Baytril it is 22.7 mg. a day and that is pretty good stuff . He was almost ok till I went on vacation and when we come back I got the flue . So Snowball got wors again . Well now Snowball is back on Baytrill 1 tap. a day for 20 days . I hope this time it will wipe it out .Hopefuly your kittie is doing better .
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Baytril worked on my kitten Griffin when his wouldnt clear up and Amoxicillin seems to work too for him.
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Now both of his eyes are runny. So he is getting the NeoPoly drops in both eyes now. He is less than thrilled to get a pill twice a day, and is getting quite adept at spitting it out. We're using a pill gun and he still spits it out!

On the plus side, he doesn't seem to be wheezing anymore, although he is still sneezing.

Thanks for all the good vibes!
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Sue , did you ask your vet if you can give your cat one hole tap. a day ? It would be only once a day struggle for you . I had to give Snowball in the beginning twice a day half a pill , then we switched over to one hole pill a day .
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if you are not giving him GSE I think you really should try it! many of us have have good results using it in addition to antibiotics!
Hope he feels better soon! The kitty colds can be really rough sometimes!!
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May I ask what GSE is ???
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Grapefruit Seed Extract, and yes, we add it to the cats' water. He is already getting that. This seems to be a nasty bug he's caught. Clavamox did nothing to help, but the new medicine seems to be helping.
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Thanks for the answer Sue . I got that now and also add it to the water .
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I put it in their wet food cause mine detect it in the water, I can also increase the dosage in wet food which is a good idea if the cat is sick...
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Well, I am happy to report that Baytril seems to have done the trick, he is not sneezing any more and is much happier and healthier! He still has a few more days of medicine to go, but thank goodness he is feeling better! Thank you everyone for your good vibes!!!
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yay! I'm happy to hear that Sasha is feeling better.
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We're thrilled he is better, too. Not only is he feeling better, we're not getting blasted by wet sneezes from a 20 lb cat anymore!!!
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Originally posted by uabassoon
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yes I know how it is to get sneezed on and have to wash my hair agagin .

My Snowball is still not better , well he still got a while for his Tap. to go . I sure hope this time it will wipe out the cold with the tap.
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