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How many are there?
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Wow, it looks like you have a housefull of furry babies! What a bunch of cuties.
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Thank you all for the nice and kind words you have given me .
RHbarb , I have 17 inside cats and 5 outside cats and 3 dogs
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wow i'd love to have so many animals....if only i had the space, will be moving soon so....

All very sweet and beautiful, lucky you!
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HopeHacker , I also like the long faces myself . They look so cute with them . Thailee face is longer then Angel's face
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Hedi, that is a whole lot of beautiful animals. You are a lucky kitty and doggie mommy, and they are lucky to have you.
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Just wondering how you ever get away from home with so many animals to care for? They sure are beautiful companions.
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Jenk , I just were on vacation for 12 days . I was lucky enough to know the lady from the animal controll . She come to my house twice a day while I was gone and cared for all of them . She also took one dog home to her house and kept him there with her . And while on vacattion she broke her foot at work by the local animal shelter , so she still came and brought her 2 girls to help her out I think I was very lucky to have her , or I would have to stay at home .
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Oh my gosh you have so many cats!! I thought Mom of 15 cats had everyone beat

Your babies are gorgeous. Is that a cat enclosure? I'd love to see a pic of that from afar.
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You've got some beautiful animals there! And I'm glad you have that woman at the shelter that was able to care for them for you while you were gone!
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Yes Sicycat I do have a enclosure for my cats . If you look at the picture where Moses is laying on the couch you can see in the back ground to your right the opening where they can go in and out . I post the inclosure in yhe new cat on the block , not a good picture . My husband is atting (sp) on a room for us , I will try to find it .
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Your kitties are all sooo cute!
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Not a great picture
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Oh your cattery type thing is awesome, and I think it's just wonderful the things you do with rescused animals, Great work!

Beautiful Pets!
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hedi, u sure have very beautiful kitties and doggies... i wish i had the space to have so many of them....
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Oh cool! You guys built that?

I too wish I could have the space (and money) for a lot of cats
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woah wait, this picture looks totally different from the one you posted in the new cats on the block?
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Sicycat , my husband is atting (sp) a room for us on there . My husband did not make the right roof so it always raint in the enclosure . Now it don't rain in there any more and the cats don't get sick eather from the rain water . We will also place a real screen around the enclosure so no more mosquitos will come in there or any other stinging creatures . We also have a fan in there for the cats so when it gets to hot the get some air .
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Wow, thats a lot of beautiful animals I love Joseph, hes my favorite! That and I like your torties and calicos I wish I could afford so many animals!!
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How'd I miss this thread?? Just saw all the pics, wow, those ARE a lot of animals. All so pretty. Neat enclosure.
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I want to come live at Hedi's house.

I just noticed Fluff.. beautiful gray cat
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Fluff is a sweetie pie . Just a very nasty insite cat , he always pooped on the rug every where . We ck for sickness but was healthy . I do need to say that when we got Mellisa and Malachi we were in a bad finacialy problem and were late fixing them . So Mellisa got pregnant from Malachi , yea I know my fould . So then I talked to my vet about payments and since then we are able to make payments there if we need to . No need to say Malachi was fixed right away and Mellisa was fixed after she was done nursing her kittens . She had 3 kittens and we all kept them . But all of them were very unclean in the house , so we let them outsite . One of her sons Breaveheart , were missing and never come back . Now we still have Jeremiah and Fluff and they stay all the time around the house .Maybe they had to much of feral from the moms side in them I don't know . But they are very happy cats .
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Well they all look beautiful and healthy. You must be taking good care of them
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I just notice that I also miss a picture of Buddy in here . Buddy was also a scoop up kitten from my friend Goldie . I also will try to make better pictures of the enclosure for you guys to see . Thank you all so much for the nice and kind words you all have given me
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Hi Hedi-

Thought I'd bump this and compliment you on your lovely signature piece! Very stylish!

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Well thank you WellintonCats , I am very proud of my signature Sicycat made it for me , she did a great job
Sicycat if you read that , thank you again doing my sigi for me you are a
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She sure did- Sicycat is an angel!

Hope you're having a good night/day!

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((( Hugs))) to you WellingtonCat , it is morning here thanks , hope you have a great day today .
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Heidi you are truely their angel and they are all so beautiful. One question where did you get that metal cat feeding dish - I love it - GOTTA HAVE ONE......
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This is Buddy , he was a stary here in the city where I live . My friend Goldie scooped him up as kitten . Also Moses was a stary city kitten .
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