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Giving my cat olive oil?

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How would I feed olive oil to my cat? I read a couple articles saying it was good for them. Do I mix it in their food? What if she eats dry food? or can give it to plain? 


My cat is long-haired, and grooms herself often, so would olive oil help the hair pass through her system so she can poop it out instead of throwing it up? 


Thanks :) 

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I have not used Olive Oil. But my SIL gives her older long-haired cat the Olive Oil. She also leaves it down in a dish. I think if you mix it into the wet food 1/4 tsp. only, then that could help. Some people also use Salmon oil which might be a better as it is from a meat source. wavey.gif
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Why feed olive oil? Is it supposed to be good for their digestive system, their coat... ??? Why not supplement with an Omega-3... or something like salmon oil, or green lipped mussel oil (look into Moxxor), if you feel the need to supplement? (Something more aligned with what a cat's digestive system would utilize properly?) dontknow.gif
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It sounds like you want to do this so she passes her hairballs out the back end vs the front end, right?  For that, you could try giving her a teaspoon of canned pumpkin several times a week (though it sounds like you feed dry food, so your baby would need to like pumpkin straight, and some cats do and some cats don't.)  Or, as Laurie stated, try using a fish oil rather than olive oil. 


Now as to how to get it in her...that's the mystery.  My own cats all four refused their dry food when I added salmon oil to it.  Period.  So that was the end of that in our house laughing02.gif (cat's RULE here)  I'm thinking if they wouldn't go for fish oil, they certainly wouldn't go for olive oil.  BUT, if your real objective is the hairballs, then you can simply give her a little bit of butter or petroleum jelly, and that should help.  If she won't eat it flat out, spread it on her paw and she'll lick it off.  (just a dollop, not too much)

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My cat actually likes the taste of olive oil, so it works out when i want to give him what he needs smile.gif.

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 I really do not understand giving an answer when you do not really know.

 I have seen so many different opinions about olive oil.

 If you do not know.. then do not say it is ok..

 Just because you gave it to your cat once and he did not die does not mean

it is good for him or ok!!

 It seems like everybody loves to give their opinion..

 If you are not a Vet or have some special medical knowledge then I would not

give my opinion..

 Someone may act upon your advice and do harm to their cat...

 Hello ????

 Cats are, after all, much different than we humans..

 In many ways..

 And I would never give my cat anything with Petroleum jelly in it.. PETROLATUM or

whatever it might be called..

 Just because some idiot has made this product does not mean it is safe or good...

 Non digestable poison is what that is...

 Just because we can ingest small amounts without seemingly any bad side

effects does not mean it is good...

 Mineral oil is made from Petroleum and is bad   bad   bad...

 It is not a food...

 Anyway,  there I go giving my humble opinion..

 Hope somebody might heed a word to the wise....  OK...  bye..

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Welcome to TCS Ronniecat. wavey.gif

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. smile.gif The forum is here not to replace the advice of vets or feline nutritionists, but for cat owners to share their experiences. Of course referenced pieces published in respected journals are the best source of information. But online, even if someone claims to be a vet, it can be very difficult to know just who's who. wink.gif Even vets have very different opinions on things like this. Most vets recommend hairball gel - yet what's the main ingredient? Petroleum jelly. laughing02.gif

Actually, we've discussed it at length here:

Also in that thread is a link to another thread, where a TCS member found a more species-appropriate way to manage hairballs.

So the discussions can be of great benefit to cat owners. In this instance, the original poster never came back to clarify why he or she wanted to use the olive oil. dontknow.gif
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My kitten has dry skin I was told to use olive oil. How do I use it on him
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