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Priest accused of sexual molestation dies in prison

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John Geoghan, former priest at the center of Boston archdiocese's sex abuse scandal, killed in prison, according to officials.

I had heard that prisoners have no regard for men who molest children, priest or layman.
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I am sorry he is killed that way,but not that he is dead.he is in h`ll now.
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Thats poetic justice....
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Good riddance! It's just a shame he didn't suffer for a few more years in prison before going off to the special place in hell reserved for trash like him.
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I don't feel sorry for him, after all he did to so many people. I have also heard that prisoners have no regard for molesters or rapists.
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Ah, isn't justice wonderful?

Now, if Phoenix can get they guys that they're after. The Maricopa County Attorney has sent extradition petitions to the Vatican, for four priests indicted on child molestation charges. At least two of them are in Rome and the others are stationed in Europe.

Needless to say, the Vatican has refused to extradite these monsters.
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I was watching a news story a little while ago that said this guy had been sent to 4 different parishes becaue of complaints that he molested children. I cannot imagine how the Church can just shuffle these monsters around to give them access to even more children, when they knew what was going on! 135 children that they know of were molested by one man. I shudder to think how many there were that were too ashamed to come forward.
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How people can subscribe to a religion thats leaders allow this kind of stuff is beyond me. How can they possibily justify it?

I've said this before , and I'll say it again. If anyone- be it a regular Joe, teacher, or priest ever touched one of my kids they'd never survive long enough to see the inside of a prison. Thats a case where, as far as I'm concerned, murder is justifiable- and I wouldn't hesitate for a second.
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Priest's Murder Disappoints Some Victims


BOSTON (AP) - His crimes ruined young lives, and many say he destroyed their faith in the Roman Catholic church. But even some victims of defrocked priest John J. Geoghan didn't wish for the violent death he met.

``Many victims are disappointed,'' said attorney Mitchell Garabedian, who represents more than 200 alleged victims of Geoghan and other clergy. ``They wish Father John Geoghan had time to be in prison to reflect.''

Geoghan was allegedly strangled and beaten Saturday by Joseph L. Druce, a fellow inmate in the maximum security Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley.

The former priest molested nearly 150 boys over three decades and became a catalyst for the clergy sex abuse scandal that shook the foundations of the Catholic Church.

``He's never going to hurt anybody again, and at the same time, he still had a lot of penance to do on Earth,'' said Michael Linscott, 45, who claims he was abused by Geoghan from 1967 to 1972.

Geoghan, 68, was serving a nine- to 10-year sentence for assault and battery on a 10-year-old boy. He'd been in protective custody since being transferred to Souza-Baranowski in April, officials said.

Druce, 37, a reputed member of the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nation, is serving a life sentence for a 1988 murder. He also pleaded guilty to sending fake anthrax from prison to lawyers with Jewish-sounding names and was sentenced to an additional 37 months in prison.

Worcester District Attorney John J. Conte said Druce will be charged with murder. He said Geoghan appeared to have been strangled, though an autopsy was scheduled for Monday.

An executive of the state corrections union, Robert W. Brouillette, told The Boston Globe and The Washington Post that Druce followed Geoghan into his cell and jammed the electronic cell door to prevent guards from opening it. Druce bound Geoghan's hands behind his back with a sheet and gagged him. He then repeatedly jumped onto Geoghan's body from a bed and beat him with his fists, Brouillette said.

State correction officials declined to comment to The Associated Press on the reports.

According to the Globe, Druce was in prison for the murder of George Rollo, 51, a bus driver who had picked him up hitchhiking. Druce, who then went by his birth name, Darrin E. Smileadge, attacked Rollo, stuffed him in the trunk of Rollo's car, drove him to a wooded area and strangled him.

Geoghan's abuses cut a wide swath through parishes in the Boston Archdiocese - and he came to symbolize the horrors of pedophile priests and the exhaustive steps church hierarchy would take to keep the allegations under wraps.

John J. King, who was allegedly abused by former priest Ronald Paquin, said priests like Geoghan and Paquin needed rehabilitation, not death.

``I've been seeking counseling and I wanted the same for them,'' said King, who claims he was abused at 13, when Paquin was a priest working with youths in Methuen.

Geoghan was ordained in 1962, starting a 34-year career that took him to six different parishes. Along the way, he left behind a trail of allegations of predatory abuse.

``Geoghan personified the pedophile priest,'' said Jim Post, president of Voice of The Faithful, a lay reform group formed in the wake of the abuse scandal.

Molestation scandals had hit the church in America for nearly two decades, with notorious cases involving priests and dioceses in Lafayette, La., in 1984; Fall River, Mass., in 1992; and Dallas in 1993.

But in January 2002, the church's role in the handling of priests, long sealed in the courts, first came to light when a judge ordered the release of documents in Geoghan's civil cases.

They showed that Geoghan continually had been allowed to return to pastoral service, despite mounting evidence of compulsive pedophilia.

``It was the first time objective evidence was produced to show that the Archdiocese of Boston, through its supervisors, allowed the abuse to continue,'' Garabedian said.

Geoghan eventually was granted early retirement in 1996 and praised for an ``effective life of ministry, sadly impaired by illness'' by Cardinal Bernard F. Law, who ultimately resigned in December 2002 for his role in the scandal.

With legal troubles mounting, Geoghan was defrocked in 1998, and in December 1999 charged with raping and molesting three boys. The archdiocese eventually settled with 86 Geoghan victims for $10 million.

Following Geoghan's trial, lawyers representing hundreds of alleged abuse victims of other priests brought new cases, forcing the church to turn over tens of thousands more documents and revealing over time the previously unknown scope of the church's cover up.
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Oh that just makes me SICK!!! They shuffled him to 6 different churches knowing what he was doing?

Effective life of ministry my @$$- those little boys will never, ever have normal lives thanks to that monster.

I hope, if there is a hell- that hes enjoying his stay there. And if reincarnation is what awaits us I hope his next life is a miserable one- maybe hes a worm on some fishermans hook....
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They are now saying on the news that the inmate who strangled him was stalking him for a few days to find out what times of day he was least supervised and therefore most vulnerable. He was beaten first and then strangled with a bedsheet; the person who did it jammed the electronic lock on the cell door so guards couldn't come in to stop him. He was serving time for a previous murder conviction.
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I have to wonder if the man who planned this was also a victim of sexual abuse from a Priest in his past? Or perhaps offered money from someone who was. Just interesting that this was so well planned in a maximum security prison. They said on the news this morning that the victims were not glad about this murder, they wanted the priest to suffer in a cell reflecting on the misery he brought to so many young boys.
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I can't help but wonder if there was some planning on the part of others, say, the ones who lost millions of dollars as a result of the settlements made to his victims...

Maybe I am just seeing conspiracies where there are none.
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The church leaders who've been covering up these crimes should be in prison too. Those poor kids were scarred emotionally for life, their innocence and trust stolen by predators who were aided in their crimes by men more interested in their reputations than in a child's safety. The men who covered it up and shuffled the molesters around should be legally considered directly responsible for any additional molestations. Also, making these people serve prison time would be much better than misusing money donated to help the poor to buy silence from victims instead.

The church has also done a grave disservice to priests who've truly dedicated their lives to helping people. By working so hard to save the reputation of evil men, the entire church's reputation has suffered. The good men who've dedicated their entire lives and selves to service are now stained by the church leaders' abuse of the public trust.
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I'm disgusted by the talking heads, from prisoners' rights groups, who are going on TV whining that he should have been better protected.

"He was a frail old man. He should have had better protection," was one comment. WHO was protecting his victims? I'm sick and tired of these idiots who make excuses for criminals' behvior.

The church authorities who covered up for this monster should have been prosecuted for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and as accessories after the fact.

AZ has one, who is about to be released, after serving his sentence. He has admitted to molesting thousands of children. Too bad, that someone didn't get him.
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You wondered how many other atrocities the catholic church has gotten away with. Remember about the Inquisition?
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....and the crusades?

If members of the church knew about this, doesn't it make them accomplics and liable for the same punishment?
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You can lay St. Bartholomew's Night (massacre of the Huguenots) and the reign of "Bloody" Mary Tudor on the Cathlic church's doorstep, too.
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As most of you know, I am from Massachusetts. I knew FR. Geoghan, he married my older brother and his wife in 1991. He also performed my nephews baptism while he presided at St. Julia's in Weston. Seemed like a good guy, until all hell broke loose when the victims starting coming forward. It was devastating.

I have very mixed emotions on this. The Archdioces sex scandal here in Massachusetts is so overwhelming. I believe he would have suffered more had he served his sentence and had time to think about his sins. I don't think that Druce killing him allowed for the victims to have closure.
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It's also a pity that over the years, some families of children molested by clerics (I suspect in more than just one religion) took financial settlements in lieu of pressing charges with authorities, which clearly they had the right and ability to do. Not all molested children hid the events from their parents. I cannot believe that in all cases it was blind faith that drove those decisions.
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I think that justice is served outside of this world and that prisoners should be kept safe from vigilante justice. Everyone deserves their time to repent and make peace with their God, even for such a horrible and unthinkable crime. I don't think of prison as a punishment but as more of a way to keep dangerous people away from normal society. I don't think we have a right to pass judgement on others, I believe that judgement is for God to make and only him. I feel bad for the families and the people who were made to suffer, but I also feel bad that the priest was so sick in the first place to make himself believe that what he was doing was ok. Someone who molests children is NOT normal and does NOT think like a normally functioning human being. Had the church noticed these tendencies and put him in an institution in the beginning so many lives could have been helped, including that of the priest. But instead they chose to ignore it. Why?--well I don't know why.

I don't believe that God picks and chooses who to forgive. I believe in rehabilitation and the power of the human spirit, and I think that even a child molester should be allowed the chance to live out his life as a changed man--while safely away from society in prison.

It really breaks my heart to see so many are happy about the unjust death of another human. I once knew a girl, a tiny innocent girl, who was molested by her mother's bf. I could see the pain in her families face and the confusion and despair in her little eyes. And the guy? Well nothing happened because there was not enough proof. THat is not justice. But the priest was in jail and justice had been served. This is the law we live by, not to kill others, and he had a fair criminal trial and the outcome was jail time, not death. By church or state his murder was wrong, yet people celebrate. That just sits strangely with me.
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I celebrate because he ruined the lives of inncoent children. If it were YOUR child- how would you feel? His murder was not in any way unjust, IMO. Why should tax dollars be spent to keep a 'person' like that alive when he so uncaringly took away the innocence of those little angels? They will have issues for the rest of their lives because of him- ruin a life for lives ruined.

My sister in law is recovering from panic disorder and has spent years in therapy due to similar abuse in her childhood. She was adopted by my husbands parents after the fact. I see how it has affected every facet of her life. She is so untrusting of society that she has chosen not to have children (even though the adores kids) because of her irrational fear of not being able to save them from monsters like that man. She has to live with these emotional scars , as the victims of this Priest do, and he deserved to live his life out in relative comfort and safety in prison? That hardly seems fair to me.
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i think that's the point of prison tho, to live out your life in relative safety away from society. I never thought of it as a punishment persay, but that's because in my religion we rely on the higher power to pass judgement.. I think that two wrongs don't make a right, and that someone killing someone isn't going to make anything better. All I'm saying is that by human law and christian law the killing of that man was wrong. Individuals have the right to their own opinion, and I could care less if he lived or died, I'm just saying that it was lawful and right that he live..

And that girl I was talking about, she wasn't my kid or anything, but I was VERY close to her, in a way where I was the one feeding her and taking care of her when her mother wasn't around for a while, and I loved her like I would have my own, and I still don't think that her abuser should die. But I'm very very anti death penalty so that may be why.
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