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OMG my cat is crazy....

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i just got home from petsmart and i bought Tekken 12 little mice that he likes to play with. so what i usually do is give him all the toys at once so he can have his way with they for awhile. so i go out to the garage to take out the trash and put some things away. so 10 mins later i walk back in the house and see that 10 of the mice have there tales eaten off. should i be worried? and i guess i'll be cutting the tales off before i give him any more of these mice.
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I would introduce your cat to some canned pumpkin just in case to help push the objects out of his system. I always cut the tails off the mice before I give them to my cats, they enjoy eating them to much and you never know what type of material they can be made from. I also wouldn't give my cat that many mice all at once.

Do you have other pics of this beautiful baby?
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my guys eat the tail too. I try to only give them one or two at a time becuase I know they are going to eat the tail off
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omg he ate 10 tails????! I came home one day to find that Zoey ate the tail off of her fluffy mouse too. It had me worried but I found it in her poop the next day

I cut the tails off of them too now from now on.
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I ditto what everyone else has said and only have this to add ...

OMG! What an absolutely STUNNING Bengal!

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That's a Bengal for you..... Crazy little guys! He's gorgeous, looks a little like my baby girl. Bengals have the cutest belly's. Does he like to 'drown' his toys in water?
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I just have to say it again ... OMG! That is one good-looking Bengal!

That tummy, those stripes, those spots ... *sigh* What a looker!
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Spike eats the tails off his mice too... I only give him one at a time, so hopefully they're passing okay. (I just don't get the fascination they have with eating the tails off. )

And Boost, I have to say, I love when you post, because each time, I get to see your siggy. Your baby in your signature picture is just too precious.
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