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Zoey!! She usually sleeps through the night, on her perch above my bed. Well last night at 4am I hear this crinkly paper sound and I woke up, said "Zoey!" because I knew she was getting into something and whatever it was I wanted her to stop So I get up to investigate, and she had grabbed her treat pouch from under the fish tank table and carried it into the hall by my bedroom I guess she was mad because her food dish was empty.
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she is too cute!
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How cute
They do the darndest things at 4am, don't they?

George once woke me up by honking a horn that was on an "Over The Hill" cane that was given to me for my birthday. It was in my bedroom next to my bureau.

Silly cat.

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Usually when I just go to bed she drags her feather on a stick into the bedroom But I've never been woken up in the middle of the night by her trying to get into her treats. Silly cats
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Too funny yall!! both Rocky and Fluff wake me up around that same time wrestling around and running across our bed at 55 mph about 10 different times until one of us decides to get up...
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George also used to try these tactics. . .

Jumping on my head (he weighed 15 pounds)
Biting my bracelet and tugging on it
Using his paw to hit anything that made noise
Knocking stuff off my nightstand

Once I put a sheet of lint roller tape (like wide masking tape) on a shelf in my nightstand to deter him from constantly pulling out pictures (in envelopes) and knocking them to the floor.

Well, the tape didn't get stuck to his paw, but to his poor head!
He woke me up. . . . all kinds of upset until I pulled it off!
He never tried pulling my pictures out after that.

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hehehehe cute

Lucy has a habit of waking me up my nibbling my ears and pulled gently on my stud earrings!!

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Originally posted by George'smom
George also used to try these tactics. . .

...Well, the tape didn't get stuck to his paw, but to his poor head!
He woke me up. . . . all kinds of upset until I pulled it off!
He never tried pulling my pictures out after that.

Yeah, I guess that would convince him it was not in his interest to do so

Our current crew aren't night disturbers, except if someone gets a skitty attack and it results in a chase, but that doesn't usually involve the bed area any more. We used to threaten, when Cindy and Fawn were little, and before that when Suzy and Sam were little, to put up a sign over the bed "CAUTION: LOW FLYING CATS".

The ones of ours who did the middle of the night stuff were:

Shasta, who often got an attack of the mushies around 3 in the morning and would come for a prolonged session of licking and head-butting my face. Hard to be appreciative when all you want to do is sleep;

and Nibs, who when he came to us at 6 years of age, was quite overweight (20lbs), and even after he lost the excess, we swore he could still apply all 20 lbs with each paw simultaneously -- pointy paws, too, they were! He'd jump up on the bed and stand on one of us, while he tried to decide what to do next. Had a terrible time making up his mind, but then we always said that part of the problem was that first he had to find it.
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For past couple nights Vegeta has been sitting at my bedroom door and screaming. Screaming really, very loud like he's hurt. The first night I kept getting up to check him and he'd just roll over. He'll do this like every 3 or so hours all night. I can't figure his problem.
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omg crazy cats!!!
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One of my little (gotta call him little while I can) kitties wakes me by stomping up to my face and sneezing on me. He also wakes me in the middle of the night if his food bowl is empty (clearly a national emergency).
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Sheesh, I bet when you got Zoey you never imagined 4 am feedings!
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None of mine wake us up, any more. When Rowdy was tiny, she wanted to play at night. A week of shutting her out of the bedroom convinced her to behave. Now, she wakes up the dogs and teases them.

I start out the night, with Opie snuggled next to me. If I wake up, during the night, Buddy is there. Night before last, I had my back turned to him and he couldn't get to my chest. He DID give me a nice back rub, though.
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Ophelia is already infamous for sleeping on my shoulder as a kitten, waiting for me to wake, then patting my cheek with her paw..infamous because she once accidentally inserted one of her toe nails up my nose. Ouch!
Now, at the ripe old age of 10 (as of yesterday, she is Alix P. Curl's littermate), she wants to be out of our bedroom by 7:30 am and to that end, she's learned I no longer wake up as early as she wishes if I'm tired, nor do I hear her quiet "wrrawhr" cries. Instead, she sits on my husband's back or chest, stares at his face and gives that cry, and as soon as an eye lid flutters up, she really begins talking, making biscuits, flouncing down into her "collapsed" side position...and does not let up until he gets up (or gets me up!) so she can be carried (it's a long story) to the kitchen and given her breakfast.

Oooh and I thought her sister was a diva!
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thats pretty smart on Zoeys part she knows where the treats are i get woke up sometimes in the middle of the night by sounds that i know are the boys into something, or blackie will jump on me and want to tread, he only weighs 131/2 pds. but i wouldnt tradem for the world....
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dougbug when are we going to see your kitties

Zoey does that "wrrawhr" yeowl in the morning sometimes if I'm sleeping in She also does it when she gets out of the litterbox
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