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Is it just me but since I was a child - nearly 34 - every damned joint that can crack when I move does. My knees give almighty crack, my wrists, my elbows - they are priceless - sounds like a gun shot at times - ankles - all of them do it. My elbows and knees are wierd as they have to be cracked as they sometime feel like a huge bubble is there waiting to be burst.
Does anyone else have this and why does it happen.
who at times sounds like when he walks - he is walking on bubble wrap!
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my knees crack if i squat or when i get up from the floor, but i think thats just from being on the floor so many years at the plant, but nothing elese cracks, maybe you should have that checked, it could be nothing since you say you haver always been that way but just to be sure i would ask a dr. about it. i know that would set off a frenzy of tests here in the u.s. but maybe you find out why they do that
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If I want I can crack my toes by squeezing them fast and hard--no help. Just bending and unbending, they crack up and on the way down.
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I think it is just a part of getting old......hmm, but who knowS??
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My left knee has creaked and cracked, since I injured it playing football. Periodically, I have to give my left wrist a twist, to relieve pressure on the radial nerve (carpal tunnel syndrome). When I twist a certain way, my spine sounds like a popcorn popper. The left shoulder sounds as if it could use a good shot of 3-in-1 oil.

With the exception of the knee and wrist, all of this is attributable to arthritis and being allergic to exercise.

If the joints are achy as well as noisy, you might try glucosamine chondroiton. It works for some people. I did a six-month trial of it and got no appreciable results. Several of my friends have done well on it, though.
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kev,just wait intill your 47!
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