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Explain this one If you can

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Ok when we first moved to our ranch
there was a female gray cat walking the premisis (sp) and the first thing she did
was jump into my arms when we got there.
And started purring really loud

Now our landlord seemed VERY shocked.
He asked me how the heck I got that
cat to come up to me......
I told him Nothing she just jumped into my arms..........

Then he said that she had been wondering
around there ever since she was a baby kitty for 3 years
and would NOT let anyone
come near her. She wouldn't even accept food from them.....
She hunted her own food.
So my question is
HOW THE HECK does something like that happen. I'm assuming this is VERY UNUSUAL.
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It does happen but not quite that often. A few years ago I had a grey cat come running out of the bushes back by the creek. I was back there reading. He saw me and leaped into my arms, began purring up a storm and hugged me around my neck! I had never seen him before! Thinking he might have been pursued by something, I carried him into the house. I had 23 cats at the time and couldn't keep him. I called a friend of mine who is a vet tech and she took him. He is living the life on her ranch and is one of the friendliest cats she has ever met.

Last year, I had a moo kitty come out of the same bushes carrying what looked like a baby possum in her mouth. Turned out to be a kitten. She took the kitten into our knife shop, jumped on Mike's lap and dropped off her bundle, than went back and got four more! We took the family into the house upstairs to the cat room. A few hours later the mom started making an unholy racket and wanting outside. I gambled and let her out, and she ran off in the darkness, returning a few minutes later with a large kitten! The last of her litter. Four days later, I found her dead in the box with her kittens beside her........ All her kittens grew up strong and healthy and have been rehomed.
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aww hissy that is so sad about the mommy cat she must have known she need someone to raise her babies for her
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I have to ask, I've been wondering for awhile -- what is a 'moo kitty'?????????
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LOL Moo Kitty is what is sometimes called a black and white kitty that is more white than black (as versus a Tuxedo) I will put a picture of Fern and her kittens in the Photo Gallery as soon as I find the one I am thinking about-
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I'm convinced that the cats that pick you rather than you picking them are the best ones to be owned by. That girl picked you and you should be honored!

I had 3 instances of feral mom's bringing their kittens up to the house at odd times. In 2 cases the moms died within a week and we raised them from 3 weeks and 10 days respectively. The third case the mom carried them up to the house when they were about 2-1/2 weeks old (the night the tornado hit our house - we had already built a shelter over them before the tornado hit), saw them thru weaning then promptly disappeared. I'm not sure if she sensed the impending storm or her impending demise. These 3 moms normally lived elsewhere and only showed up when their kittens were old enough to follow them to the house. All moms would normally disappear when their kittens clearly knew where the food bowl was at about 10 weeks old.

Cats have great senses about them that we can't begin to understand.
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I agree with whoever said that the animals who pick you out to be their owners are the best animals.

When I lived with my sister her cat Pepper (all black cat) passed on and she wanted another kitty. We went to the animal shelter and she had already decided that she did not want another black cat. We looked at all types of cats and while she was looking at a white cat, I was talking to a very homely all black cat. The cat started purring so loudly and took his paw and patted my cheek. She then started to talk to the cat and he did the same for her. After that whenever we looked at another cat he would jump around and rattle his cage to get our attention. Well she adopted that cat and named him Alexander the Great. She said he worked to hard to get her attention to be left behind. It turned out that he was to be killed the next day. He grew up to be a big beautiful cat (25 lbs) and loved everyone, but it was liked he worshiped my sister Kathleen. Unfortunately he has now passed away.
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I am so honored to have been picked by such a sweet little girl.
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