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Been a while

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Well, it's been a busy 3 months for me. I never realized how hard it is to go back to school! I've completed 2 terms so far (each term or rotation is 6 weeks) and have a 4.0 GPA. Last term was English and Wine Studies 1. I was teaching the english class 1 day a week, and the wine class was extremely difficult and time consuming. I've never had to study so much for any class, not to mention the time put into the project. This rotation I'm in the kitchen, just started on Monday, learning sanitation (food handlers card stuff-we get the hard test, not the easy one) and take that test next monday. We learned basic cuts yesterday and today, and I discovered I'm horrible at it! I can tourne really well, but I can't estimate sizes very good and I can't cut straight to save my life! I did finally figure out how to hold the chef's knife though. I also finished my OLCC class and when I get the app filled out and the money in, I can serve liquor in restaurants legally. Maybe that will help me find a job.

Anyway, I'm back around once in a while (when I have a free moment anyway)
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Hey congrats on the 4.0 GPA that is a very hard average to maintain I know because that is what I have kept my GPA at in Accounting. Stop in whenever you get the chance I know you have a lot of studies to keep up with.
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Good job on the grade point average!
Keep up the good work
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Welcome back, Myste!!!!

And congrats on the 4.0! That is awesome!
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And Welcome Back Marcy!
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