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Removing feces odor from couch?

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Not sure if this is the right section to post this in, but since it has to do with my cat's bad behavior, it seemed like a fit. Anyway, one of our cats pooped on our microfiber couch about a week ago. Yeah. Long story. We removed it relatively quickly, but cannot seem to get the odor completely out. I've tried enzyme cleaner, Febreze for pet odors and I placed the two cushions affected outside over night last night thinking that the cold air would kill any remaining bacteria (and thus, smell). We're having people over tomorrow and would like to, ya know, sit on our couch. I just really need to get the smell out.


Any products or home remedies people have used here?



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I swear by Nok Out for any biological "spill" from my cats (and dogs). You can only buy Nok Out online (, and I think its worth its weight in gold. There is another one that a lot of people like a lot called Anti Icky Poo. I've not tried it personally, but it is highly recommended on this site.

Most other products don't seem to work very well. Petsmart sells products like Nature's Miracle and they don't seem to work for most people. I didn't even realize that Febreeze made an enzyme neutralizer - you might be the first person to bring it up. I never buy Febreeze, as I dilute my Nok Out with water and use it like people use Febreeze. Nok Out neutralizes smells while Febreeze seems to simply cover them up for a while (and I don't like its smell personally).
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On the NokOut site, it only lists they have their spray for, "non-food, hard surfaces" that doesn't include couches or furniture. The listing is here:


They also have the carpet cleaner.


Will either of these work on a couch?

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