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First Shield flea treatment from PetSmart is BAD-made a little kitty sick!!

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My daughter and I rescued a little stray from the cold last week Friday.  We took her to PetSmart for a quick blood test to make sure she didn't have any contagious kitty diseases.  She had fleas really bad too.  They gave her First Shield.  This was on Friday.  By Saturday afternoon all she wanted to do was sleep, and she was very lethargic.  We didn't make the connection to the flea meds at first.  Today (Monday) she is still lethargic, sleeps ALL the time.  She does drink water, and is still eating, but she is very very warm to the touch.  My daughter started looking up stuff about First Shield and found out all kinds of bad things.  This has been happening all over the place.  Lost of kitties and dogs have a bad reaction to it.....up to and  including death.  I am supposed to drop this kitty off tomorrow morning to a lady who has found a proper foster home for her.  Now I'm scared to death.  She is the most adorable little gray and white thing you ever saw.  I'm trying not to worry too much since she is still drinking and eating, but she is just so lethargic.  So sad to look at this beautiful little girl that doesn't even want to be held anymore............anyone else out there with the same thing happen to them?  Any suggestions?

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I honestly have never heard of First Shield. Did you call Banfield (Petsmart) and tell them about this reaction? I wonder why they are giving this product to pet owners if so many pets are having bad reactions. How awful, I hope the kitten will be alright. cross.gif I have always used either Frontline, Advantage or Revolution, all of which most vets prescribe. She could also be coming down with an URI, the poor little baby has been through so much. As long as she is still eating and drinking then that is a very good sign and I think she will be just fine.

What a great thing you and your daughter did by rescuing this kitten AND you found a foster home. Also, most foster homes have a lot of experience in dealing with sick kittens and I am sure they will take good care of her and keep you informed. Please keep us posted on how she is doing wavey.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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Thank you so much for your reply. We had no idea what was going on with kitty and why she went from a perky curious kitty to a 24 hr a day sleeper. There are alot of complaints on the internet abt First Shield. It is a product made FOR Banfield and it is used exclusively at Petsmart/Banfield. I feel pretty confident in the lady I'm bringing her to today. And she said the foster is really good. (its difficult for me to foster because I have 6 cats of my own and it makes them crazy as well as makes my 83 yr old mother crazy too.) We also feed a colony of ferals that has dwindled from abt 15 to 8 or so. All of them TNR'd. I spent $80 just to get her tested and examined and then POISONED. She feels cooler tonight and is still drinking and eating. I'm just praying she will be ok. She is so precious.
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Beth hugs.gif You are definitely a cat lover heartpump.gif WOW thank's for your care of feral cat's too happy2.gif. It is such a shame that a product like that with those stats to making kitties ill is still being used nono.gif.. Anyway - I hope she is better this morning and I wish this kitty the best that life can be clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif More hugs.gifhugs.gif to you for be a cat champion biggrin.gif
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