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New cat, always sleeping.

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I adopted a 3 yr old cat at the humane society last week, he seems to be starting to adjust, but he sleeps quite a bit and never plays. I have never had a cat before and was wondering if this is normal behavour (is he still adjusting, is this his personality?). Any insight would be really helpful.

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(sorry I guess this should have been posted in the Behavour forum)
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Did you try to play with him ??? Do you have a catnip toy ? Catnip usualy helps them play . He may also is a lay back cat . Also did you go to the vet to make sure he is health wise ok ?
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Right now, it is so early for him, it is possible that in a noisy animal shelter he did not get much sleep and now welcomes his new freedom and the peace it affords him.

If he is eating and drinking and using his litter box without problem, I would just let him destress for now. But if you see any other problems with him such as third eyelid creeping over, gunky eyes, runny nose or anything else, I would take him in for a checkup
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yes, I tried to play with him, and bought several catnip toys but he seems uninterested. I didnt' want to take him to the vet right away, he's just starting to adjust and come out of him room, I didn't want to scare him too much in the first little while that he's here. He has been eating, but not very much for the size he is, he'll only eat a quarter of a can of the small can of cat food, and I leave dried food out for him all day but he only munches a little bit throughout the day.
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I would say he is just adjusting. He has lived in a cage for most of his life, and where he is right now is a bit overwhelming to his senses. They may have not fed him a lot of food. But if you haven't had him vet-checked, you really should take him in to your vet. It isn't going to add that much stress to him, and afterwards you will have peace of mind that nothing is wrong with him. There is no one on this board that can see your situation, so you just have to use the best judgement you can for him.
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I would wait awhile too, maybe he is just scared. Once he gets adjusted Im sure you two will be fine. Dont worry about him sleeping, thats mainly what they do all day..catnap!
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