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Tribute to George W.

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I posted George's pictures in the Grey kitty thread. . . . and realized that he deserves a thread of his own in Crossing the Bridge. . . . he was such a special boy. A tribute to my sweet, sweet boy. Here is the poem that I found on line (forgot where) that has offered me great comfort. . .

Dearest God
Be good to him, my precious boy.
For all the joy he gave me, treat him well.
Let him run and play and climb Heaven's highest tree;
Give him all the love and trust that he gave me.

Guide him gently, take him through
So he may know eternal life and peace with you

The bond we share will never die;
Our souls as one will never part.

O hear my prayer, dear Lord
And know it's true
That I may mend the anguish
of my breaking heart.


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RIP Georgie.
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Goodbye George, RIP

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R.I.P. George. He's at the Rainbow Bridge now, and you'll see him again some day.
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I am very sorry for your loss. George was a beautiful cat. I know that as time passes, the bad memory of him leaving you will fade and be replaced by happier memories of a life shared together. He is God's lap kitty now, and has certainly earned that privilege. May you find comfort in knowing that you will see him again, and then he can once again be your lap kitty.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. That's a lovely prayer you've posted for him - may it provide you comfort in your grief.
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A sweet tribute to a sweet boy. RIP George :angel2:
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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet cat. God bless.
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George's 2nd anniversary was on July 19th and I thought it would be fitting to bump up my tribute to him. I can't believe it's been 2 years already. I still miss you like it was just yesterday. RIP George.
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Oh look at that gorgeous boy!!

2 years, but George is still alive in your heart

RIP George, you little sweetie pie
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what a wonderful idea to bump George's tribute thread up... awwwww he is gorgeous

RIP George - continue to play happily at the bridge - know you are forever loved and never ever forgotton sweetheart
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what a handsome boy George was

RIP George
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What a lovely tribute that you had written for your George. I remember "talking" to you about him because I have a George also. I know that you loved him very much.
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Thank you for sharing such a beautiful prayer. I'm so sorry about the loss of your handsome boy. RIP George.
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What a beautiful poem in your tribute to sweet George.
I can tell that you loved him deeply.
Bless you darling George.
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Thank you for sharing the poem/prayer. It is a comfort! May you find peace over the loss of such a special boy as George!
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Rest in peace sweet George.
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