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My new baby.... :)

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This will probably seem insane, but last saturday, I accidentally aquired a new baby.

I was ouside, and all the sudden I heard a rustling in the leaves of the trees, and something dropped onto the ground. I immediatly rushed over to see what it was....it was a baby robin, who had fallen out of it's nest. So I rescues it...and at first all I had was oatmeal to feed it, but today I bought some worms, and fed them to him!!!!!
He opens his little mouth every time I get near him....so I guess I am "moma" now!!!
He chirps and sits on my hand....I am so in love with this bird....I will feel so bad if he doesn not make it.
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Debbby, you are such a kind hearted woman that is such a lovely thing. I hope he makes it and my prayers are with you. Let me know what happenes :daisy:
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I hope the robin makes it, too! When I was younger, my parents used to rescue baby birds that had falled out of their nests. Usually, they were baby sparrows, one time it was a finch. They raised them until they were strong enough to fly away! Baby birds are so cute!
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Good luck with the Baby Robin. I have hand raised baby birds but they were cockatiels and parrots and they have a baby bird formula for them so it was easier then feeding a wild bird worms. I hope he makes it.

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Thanks so much for the wonderul posts you all made...sadly though, the Robin (who I had named Peepers) didn't make it. He died this morning...he was so weak, and lthough he had been eating, I suspect he may have had some internal injuries due to his fall from the tree. But at least I tried....poor little guy.
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so,sorry that the baby robin didn't make it...It was good/kind of you to try though...
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Next time take an empty butter container of some sort of artificial nest and secure the bird in the tub in the tree near the nest. The mom will usually rescue it even if your scent is on it. baby birds are very fragile, I have had the best of luck with just feeding a baby bird raw hamburger in small amounts.
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Debby so sorry to hear about Peepers. I know thought that he must have felt plenty of love from you before he died, I know that is no conselation but at least he died with love around him than non at all.

Hope you are ok :daisy:
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Thank you Amanda, for caring. The 4th was no picnic for me...because just a few hours after Peepers dying, I lost Peaches. ( one of my cats)
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Deb, I read about Peaches , I was so sorry and praying for you. I know how hard loosing a loved one is. My thoughts are with you I hope you are okay.
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Poor little Peepers is at the Rainbow Bridge, or so it would seem to me. After all, why shouldn't the Bridge be a place for every creature who has touched our lives? (Not to worry, the Bridge cats won't bother Peepers!)

You've had a tough week, my friend. Here's a cyber hug for you!


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Thank you for the hug Joe, I didn't have a very good 4th of July...what with losing Peepers in the morning, and someone running over Peaches that night.
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