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Finally .. I had to take these from my cam corder so ignore the dates and the massive PLAY on the pics lol ...

This was her during the first stages ..
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Look how Fat
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It's little leg is poppin out ..
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I wasn't sure what colour they would be at first and when she had 3 colour points I couldn't believe it !
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here is a closer shot ...all 3 are identical so I am not putting them all on.
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Oh my - what a darling!!! I've never seen newborn kitties before. I've only just caught up with this thread, and I'm so glad after a slightly rocky start that you're sharing your beautiful cats with us. I think what you're doing rescuing all those unwanteds is amazing - thanks on behalf of all the UK feline furries.
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Heres more pics of the babies.
Noses have not turned out as well as I wanted but it is my first litter.. I think they're adorable though
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and the last one
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Oh those kittens are adorable, and in my opinion much cuter than if their noses were totally flat. I know the smushed in face is the Standard for Persians, but I think the kitties with a bit more nose, like a doll face, are so much prettier.
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Welcome to TCS your cat is SO beautiful
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oh wow cute cute cute!!!!!!

Will you be keeping them all??
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I can't decide .. they are so spoiled right now, the small female which we call Aurora is a lil whiney butt.. she runs into the middle of my bedroom floor and screams until I pick her up and then I hold her close to my face and she kind of snubbs me and then licks lol ..Madison is sort of starting to take on the same habits, and leo just lies there .. and eats!

It's cute ..but the screaming makes me cringe after a bit. You can't just NOT pick her up..... it's so pathetic lol
There is a seal point female, a teal point male, and a lynx point female ( I think) I don't know much about the lynx points but from what I have seen I think she is.
4 Weeks Old today!

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aww again this is the boy Leo
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all 3 of them sleeping on my bed
I got these pics out of order
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Woohoo. They are adorable. Congrats
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they are absolutely beautiful leviugga, i especially love the picture of hubby little Leo sleeping.... how adorable
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They are my first litter and I know they are not ever close to being show quality but I just love em to bits. I have a long way to go but isn't that the fun of it? I can't wait til my next litter comes along
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Oh what cute little babies. I'd love them to bits myself, if I had them. They are adorable.
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Isn't she cute
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he is purdy too
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If you want to send little Leo to Sunny Southern California, I'd love to give him a home.
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I reckon he is jus precious..but I have a feelin I am gonna end up keepin all 3 ...I just can't bare to let them go
and don't tell me u guys haven't done this too lol

*pulls hair*
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Oh Aubs, I remember back on the first page of this thread saying you could look forward to one day listing your triple supremes and you got all excited.....you seem just as excited now and appear to be totally consumed by your adorable kittens. They are gorgeous.

It is really heart-breaking to let them go, but if you are very selective with choosing new owners and you know in your heart they are going to a wonderful new home where they will be loved and where they will provide much-needed love in return, you will be able to make peace with it.

Although I have been owned by persians for over 20 years, I am a relatively new breeder in that I have only been breeding persians for three years. I sob when every kitten leaves home, but I stay in touch with new owners, to ensure all goes well with my babies.

The world can always use more people with a true passion for their cats! You go girl!
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Aubs. I have never actually had that feeling. I know my kittens are going to live a long healthy life when we place them in their especially selected home. Exporting cats is a different story though! I sob and cry but nevermind it's all part of the fun.. It will get easier trust me!

In breeding cats you must have something that you want to achieve. When we started breeding early 1999, I said NOW I want to breed a Best In Show winner. 3rd litter we had one(He was one of Nz's best!!) after we reached that goal(now it's been met many times ) I said I want to export a kitten, now that's been done my next goal is to breed a Best In National Show kitten.. It will happen!!!!

Hugs Sam.
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lol @ u go gurl ..is this a bad time to say Ima guy? rofl I am gigglin over that one ..Krissi check ur new site posting I put something on it for you..
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Sorry! Got carried away! You go guy! (I realised as I clicked the submit button....too late) Hehehehe.
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Originally posted by Leviugga
lol @ u go gurl ..is this a bad time to say Ima guy? rofl I am gigglin over that one ..Krissi check ur new site posting I put something on it for you..
LOL. My mistake as well I also thought you were a lady. It's just not many men on this site breed cats as well as own them! Kudos to you Aubs!
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LOL no Biggy ..

Sam a question for you ...?

Any Idea what Madison is? Lynx point? Blue ? I have yet to figure it out! Leo is a Blue, Aurora is a Seal point ..but poor Madison lol
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