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Just Joined up

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I was doing a search online to find out after my queen is mated how she should act and I found you guys. What a great site. I have 7 cats at the moment. 2 spade, 5 not. All but one are females. Reagan was purchased as a girl but oops .. he grew something he wasn't suppose to have and is a boy now. lol

Family consists of Isis (white w/blue eyes and is deaf) Phoenix (abandoned Calico whose litter mates were killed by a fox) Reagan (the tran sexual lol) Bramble (exotic shorthair) Madge (exotic shorthair) and Cameo who is also an exotic. and last but not least Katie. One frightened abused dilute torti Persian.

I have 2 that no one wanted because they are kind of difficult..but now that I have them they both are wonderful cats. Before they were very skiddish and would run at first site of anyone. Madge is actually sat under my monitor stand as I am typing this. Katie is still being convinced that she is loved and no one will hurt her.

I am not gonna ramble on, they are like my children that I will never have. My first question is ... Bramble has been calling for days so I found a male she actually likes ..he has mated her about 13 times in 2 days...not to mention the times I have not witnessed! She is still calling...and it's driving me insane ...is this normal? I noticed she threw up today also ...is that too soon?

I have never bred a cat before so any info you guys can give would be of great help.

Aubs XxxX
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First things first- Are you going to get those 5 cats spayed? They really need to , to prevent unwanted kittens.

Also are you planning on breeding?

If so are registered with the society and have a prefix?

Who did you mate Bramble- the exotic shorthair to?

This is called BackYardBreeding and this site is STRONGLY against it.

Owner of the Captivating Cattery.
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Are you breeding pure breeds? Is the male and female registered?
Did you have the queen and the male at the vet to make sure there were no health issues?
Is the male proven?
Did she screech and roll after the "deed" If there is no rolling it didn't connect.
I would make sure to mark the calandars so you know when she is due. If she is a persian she will need help cleaning the kittens and removing the sacks.
If she is under a year old she may ignore them completely.
Throwing up is not common and she could have a blockage. Is she using the litter box?
Give us a bit more info and we will fill in any blanks!
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Do you honestly think I would have rescued those cats and then deliberatley bred my pedigreed Exotic to and mongrel? Certainly not, We have bred and raised and shown Pomeranians for for over 12 years ( me and my mum) We will do the same with the cats ..but they are also our pets, not just breeding machines. I think your "assumption" is a bit unfair. If I was that irresponsible would I have bothered to research it? Thats how I found this site.

Yes she did roll and she also tried to go for him every time he bred her. My cats all have been tested and are as healthy as can be. I have never bred cats before and am reading as much info as I can on them, My vet is on standby 24/7 if something should go wrong.

It is different than our dogs in some ways but also very similar, I just didn't know if she would continue to call this way after being bred.
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Hi Aubs

Welcome to the site and the forum. Every breeder has to start somewhere and you should register if you have not already done so. Also, visit the shows and get to know the other breeders who will assist and support you with help and advice. It would be ideal if you knew another breeder close by who could act as your mentor for a while.

All the breeders on the forum have an aim to improve on their chosen breed, thus they frown on anyone breeding without planning each paring carefully towards improving on the breed and maintaining the breed standard. Perhaps we just need to get to know you better.

You have found the right forum and I am also pleased that you have a friendly vet nearby. I have always found the forum members to be friendly and helpul.

In my experience, a queen can still act "on heat" for two days after mating as fertilization can take two days to occur. Hopefully, her being sick is just an isolated incident and she is now well again. If you are worried, get your vet to have a look at her. One can never be too careful with our special angels.

Good luck. I hope everything goes well with your breeding program.
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Thank you Crissi,

As I should have said in my first posting, my rescued animals all will be spayed, they are just moggies but that doesn't mean we love them any less than the pure breds. Some of them are young still. I posted a picture of Phoenix, she was the only surviving kitten from that litter. She was rescued from New Age Travellers when she was only 5 weeks old by me. She was in a horrible state but, as you can see now she has grown into a beautiful animal. Her brothers and sisters were not so lucky..all of them died. If not for my vet and me sitting up for almost 36 hours with her she would not have made it.

I only have 3 registered queens, all of them short hairs. The others will be kept as pets and spayed. I do have a friend who is well known in the UK for her excellent cattery. I would be on the phone with her continuously though with the many questions that I have. This is why I chose this site for that. I wasn't expecting to be savaged by someone who obviously knows nothing of me nor my intentions.

I have worked for The Humane Society when I was in America and now am a volunteer for the RSPCA. So I am well aware of the problems with people being irresponsible. My cats whether rescued or purchased will remain with me solely throughout their lives. Some of them have had horrific backgrounds. My Pure breds were raised by me, from kittens, and these will be my first litters. I am using my friends male and in my opinion it just doesn't get any better than him lol. He is a fabulous Colour Point Male.

Bramble misses him I am sure cause she searches frantically throughout the house for him. They were quite close before she started to call. I think I have written a Book ..lol I have enclosed another of the Rescues ..Isis, she is deaf but it doesn't seem to bother her. She does not allow anyone to touch her but me ..but considering her background I can see why.

Have a Great Day!
Bramble has gone to the vet today and she is fine, the vet says she is in perfect health and in superb condition. Fingers crossed in 60 days I will have my first litter of Kittens.
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Originally posted by Leviugga
Thank you Crissi,

I wasn't expecting to be savaged by someone who obviously knows nothing of me nor my intentions.
I wasn't savaging you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's all about breeding healthy cats conforming to standard and then raising them to be happy, healthy and well socialised. Showing your cats will give you a clear indication of how well they conform and you can then plan future breedings accordingly......and one day you will be able to list your triple supremes!
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I am so excited now I can't contain myself lol

I am taking pictures of Bramble and the gang so you can see them.
Will get them developped soon
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We all love pictures! I look forward to seeing some of your cats soon.
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Look Forward to seeing the pictures!
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Exotics aren't one of my favorite breeds, but I bet if I saw little kittens I'd change my mind!
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I never really knew what an Exotic was....until one day I saw the most beautiful cat I had ever seen. Lovely face like a persian, and without the hair. I am not too keen on long haired breeds.

So I got the face I wanted. the personality, and without the hair.

I am still rescuing even more unwanted cats...

I want to be in control of how many kittens I bring into the world and the quality of them as well.

I took the pics of bramble to be developped so hopefully they will be on here soon.
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Well I finally got the chance to come back. Phew what a crazy past few weeks. I work with socially excluded individuals in my job and was surprised by my company saying that we no longer have the funding to keep my office up and running.

All unexpected of course. So I have been rushing around trying to get things in order..

Update on Bramble.. I am about 90% sure that she is pregnant..I have read the information that you guys post here and from the way you describe it I am almost certain she is. It is now her 22nd day and her nipples have started go really bright pink.

She is very clingy towards me. She has always been a very loving cat but now it seems she is even more so.
This excitement has made the news of the closure not so bad. I can't wait until she has them.

and Finally this is Bramble
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Awwww! Bramble is a sweetie!

From that picture she looks like a tortie smoke!
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I bred her to a seal point male ..wut u reckon the outcome will be? lol I have some of madge but they are not good pics. She is very typey with a cobby body but this pic makes her look all wrong lol ..I want to get some better ones of her.
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I just read Gaye's posting..Well Said!! I felt really awkward on my first visit after a response to my posting. I was almost ashamed to even continue using this site at that point..it made me feel a complete idiot.. I do want to continue this, but I also need help in doing so, which is why I joined this site.

I love reading through all the postings and spend alot of time here. I am learning new things every day and I thank you guys for the positive responses. One posting I read talked about improving the breed which leads me to my next question.

Just what quality of cat am I breeding from? I don't know what to look for when choosing my breeders. I posted a pic of Bramble and now here is one of Madge. Please comment whether it be bad or good...has my choice been the wrong one for quality?
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You should always go to the site of the registering authority that you are registered with. There, you will be able to have a look at the standard for your breed of cat. You can then judge your cat against the standard and decide if it would be good or bad to pass on those genes. For example, persians have a standard against which they are judged at every show. If they do not comply with that standard they will not do well at shows and, strictly speaking, one should not be breeding those cats either.
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There is an online "magazine" dedicated to persian and exotic cats and I have found it quite helpful. At the moment there are one or two articles on breed standards. Of course, you would still need to look at the standards for your particular registry as there may be slight differences in the different registeries in different countries.

Try www.pandecats.com
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what beautiful cats you have
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Oh Thank you Chelle!

I have 7 now, and a litter due on the October 24th! I am so excited I could just spit.. lol

If any of you have kept up with the post and read about Katie the neurotic persian.. I have recently re-homed her to an outside enclosed home.. I do not think Katie will ever appreciate Human contact and sadly we decided to place her here so she can have the freedom of the outside ..but not roam free.

I have had alot of wild cats in my lifetime and have tamed almost all of them..but Katie was just not happy being handled.

Update on Bramble: She is big as a whale and just under 4 weeks left. I have added Piper and Prue to the family ..does this madness ever stop? I can't turn away an animal who needs a home.
*slaps himself* Hope everyone is well and in good health.

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well after a long wait .. We have 5 days to go and Bramble will have her babies ... She and I have just had a big cuddle and a tummy rub which she loves and I can feel them moving ... So Wednesday of next week is her due date .. *bites nails*
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Bramble is at her 62nd day ... she is very anxious to be with me, she is here as I type this, which is not her normal behaviour.. might be a long next few days ... anything I should be looking for guys? this is my first litter and i am jus crappin myself! excuse the expression! Wish me luck

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Aubs, we wait in anticipation. I remember my nerves with my first litter and let me tell you, I have the same butterflies with every litter!
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just caught up with this thread - what lovely cats.
has anything happened yet - all good news i hope?
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OMG I am so exhausted ..she has kept me up since Wednesday..I have been afraid to sleep, her due date was wed..but she has only just finished having them about 10 pm this evening. She started about 5 pm and has had 2 boys and 1 girl.. They are all white which hopefully means they are colour points or they are going to be cream.

Most of you know she is a Torti Smoke ..there wasn't one like her.
The father of these kittens is a seal point, Brambles mother was a silver tabbi, and her father was a cream , I know the mother of her father was a colour point as well ..so could this be why I got the result I have?

I can't wait to take pics ..she is an exellent mother but very tired and so am I ...now I am going to bed lol I just had to post this before I lie down..

Yee haw! This is Prue one of my new girls
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Congrats on the new pointed babies!!!
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congratulations - caint wait for the photos of the newbies
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Prue is really beautiful. I can't wait to see some pix of the new babies.
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