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I bought a tina turner and ike turner CD while shopping, and I have to admit it's great.

I love oldish music, people think it's strange because I am 24, I should like all new stuff, which I do.

But you can't beat some old songs

*singing along*

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I like them too
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Is Ike Turner some relation to Tina Turner?

I love Tina's music - but this Ike?

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He was her husband,he wasn't very nice. If you ever get the chance, watch her film "what's love got to do with it"

Really good.

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I listen to the 80's station all the time,,I love it! especially old Def Leppard!
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Originally posted by Rock&Fluff'smom
I listen to the 80's station all the time,,I love it! especially old Def Leppard!
You should come over here - leppard came from sheffield - about 30 mins down the road from me. Old stuff okay - new stuff sounds all the same. Have shed loads of music from them on cd.

For me - I listen to everything from serious clasical music, enjoy opera, then I adore Dolly parton and saw her last year in Glasgow. Went to see kenny rogers, tammy wynette and glewn campbell some time ago. Then I move to the serious stuff - Kiss, iron madien, the offspring - saw them last year - slip knot etc

Bit strange taste huh?

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Yeah Kiss!!!!!! You wanted the best! You got the best! The hottest band in the world.......Kiiiiiissssss!!
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I asked for that did I not ?? Kiss - specially Detroit Rock city!!!

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My 21 yr old daughter has always been into the oldies; not classic rock so much as folk & pop from the 60's & 70's . . . like Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Jim Croce, etc. . .

She really was never exposed to any of that while living with me . . . I was exposed to it while growing up with two older sisters and also during that era. . .

She made me realize how much I also love that music. . .

I never really cared for 80's rock. Late 70's (Foreigner, The Cars, Styxx) that was my bag as a young adult.

Now I like most anything. . . alternative, classical, jazz, hip hop, top 40's. . . . the only music I don't care for is twangy country and mid to late 80's stuff.

My son loves modern metallic rock bands. . . . the ones that scream alot. I can tolerate some of it. . . . then it gets a bit on my nerves.

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