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cat parasites

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hello, i have a question about cat parasites, and i would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me. I just bought a new kitten from a pet store, and as i've been looking her over more and more i noticed small black "things" in the fur around her neck. i gave her a bath with flea and tick shampoo yesterday and was waiting to see what happened. today i looked her over, and the small black things are still there, and on the top of her head i saw a small black bug running. it wasn't sitting or jumping, but i actually saw it run on her head. i have a couple other cats and i've never had any problems with parasites before. could you please tell me what it is, and if it needs to be taken care of at the vet? i am going to take her to vet as soon as possible though, i would just like to know what it is before i go in there (and i don't want the poor thing to be quarantined in her cage any longer!), i haven't been able to find anything online about "small black bugs." thank you!

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It sounds like fleas to me. For this the best thing to use is frontline or advantage. The shampoos are great for the adults but do nothing for eggs. So every time and egg hatches you would have to bathe. I usually buy mine online.
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