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It happened again

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If you all remember when Tiny Lic went to go and get spay, she brought home a cold. Now Vegeta has gone and gotten snipped, this was last week. At first when he was home he was wheezy, but I thought it was just from the sleepy medicine.(for lack of spelling knowledge) Now 10 days later he's ok, and poor Lic is so sick.

Today her and Loki--because he has icky eyes-- went to the vet. Surprise, surprise.....their sick!!! I mean I paided out the waazoo at the vet's office praying that they would handle the babies better and still Vegeta brought it home.

I know viruses float around in the air, so shouldn't the sick be quartined(sp?). The vet said his clinic won't even except a sick animal for any longer than an office visit, he sends the ill to the hospital............SO why oh why am I again treating 7 kittys for the flu.

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Is the doctor and staff washing their hands before they treat your kitties? Is the table they are examined on washed and sanatised after every cat or dog? Are the floors clean? If the answer is no then find another vet. By not keeping clean the staff and doctor can spread disease to every animal they touch.
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This new vet is squeaky clean in the rooms and waiting area. The smell of disinfectant kinda burns my nose when I first go in. I always clean the table myself with their sanitizer, you know when the tech brings you in and says they'll be with you in a minute.
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Hmmmmm good point DragonLady . It does can happen by the vet , but twice ? At my vet it never smell that strong from any thing at all . They have 3 vets there and are very busy . My animals never come home with a cold . Also sneething (sp) is airborn and travel a very long distance .I am sorry about your kitties ,and by the way I would be p*** off too .
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Oh Dali! That sucks.

My solution would be to change vets- Can't have pets comign home sick.

Keep us updated.
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They could splash disenfectant all over the rooms and still not be sanitary. I'd sure ask them to treat the kitties for free since they were made sick at the vet!
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That stinks...I sure hope they get better quickly!! ((hugs))
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Well today everyone has the icky eye......OHHHHHH!!!!!!!

And two more have been sneezeing. I just switched to this vet back in May. They came highly recomended by more than three people.

I'm worried to bits, I haven't left the house yet. And probably won't till Monday when I try and bring 6 kittys to get an antibiotic shot. The Tiny Lic already had one, and they gave us amoxisillian for her too. Since I always wash the little dropper out before reinserting, today everyone had a dose of that and the eye goouuuu. I know he'll only prescribe it to them anyway.
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Originally posted by 55Dali
[b] Now Vegeta has gone and gotten snipped, this was last week. At first when he was home he was wheezy, but I thought it was just from the sleepy medicine
Hey - its not just you lot over the pond. I went and got snipped about three- four weeks ago and a few days later I had running eyes - that may have had something to do with the stitches - however, I was full of cold for a few days. I think your vet and my surgeon are related and spreading germs between them.

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i do believe i would tell them at the vets office that my kitties come home sick after being there. geezzz you dont want to keep getting sick kitties everytime you go there, it sounds like they have URI that is probally comming from the vets office, do your cats have up to date vac. for this? i really hope they get better.
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Kev--I'm sorry for the snipping of your seminiferous tubules, however they probably didn't remove anything as in neutering. So your "little guys" are still working just as good, only they stay with in you.

And good goddess I hope they didn't go to the same medicial school.
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