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Cat food

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Does anyone have any links to cat food and supplies coupons site? I have been searching the net all day for manufacturers coupons for food, litter, ect. I need to find some coupons to help lower the cost of taking care of my foster cats. The more I find the more fosters I can help!
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Royal Canin has a breeders club that gives you free bags of food for the bar codes. I would email the different brand names as well and see what coupons they have available. They are usually OK about sending them along.

Petco has a 200 club if you buy 200lbs of food you get a 10% discount. If you combine that with sale prices it is pretty good.

Oh they also have buy 10 get one free if it is premium dry food
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If you go to the companies websites and find the "contact us" link you can request coupons and/or samples. Most of them are happy to send you something. I've done it.
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