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new bad habits

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I hate declawing but unfortunately I still lived at home when I first got Kaos and my dad took him to the vet against my wishes because he was of coarse "ruining" his furniture. To make it worse this just made his biting worse and he turned to chewing on cords instead, definitely something that makes me nervous and annoyed.
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This is very common with cats that have been declawed and it usually gets worse before it gets better. The cat is in pain at all times. Just as people have ghost pain in a removed limb so do cats. They do not just remove the toe nail, they take the whole knuckle. There were many alternatives he could have chosen such as soft paws that cover the nails and keep them from causing damage.

I would get some bitter aple or dishwashing soap and spray your cords. This should discourage the chewing.

You will have to teach your kitty how to trust you again. This will take alot of time so be patient and give lots of love.
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Hi and welcome to the boards!

I would take this cat in to another vet and ask that vet to check the declaw site. Sometimes when the aggression gets out of hand, then the site has become infected and is causing the cat pain an it causes the cat to lash out in frustration. The pain can be managed through medication, and make the cat more comfortable. Again, I would not take him back to the vet who did it, but if you find that the surgery was botched, I would then take issue with the vet who did it originally.

Good luck! You can also buy flexible tubing at Radio Shack to put over electrical cords that will stop the biting reflex.
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