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worried about semi-feral cat adoption

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so here's the story:


A little over a month ago, I noticed that one of the feral cats (about 8 months old) around my condo had an injured leg and he was limping around. I trapped him, so I could help him recover and then neuter-release.

However, I found out that the leg had probably been broken at the elbow, but then healed the wrong way. so basically he had a leg that couldn't bend and that's why he was limping. Obviously I couldn't release him like that.


Although he was very afraid of humans when I first got him, over the weeks he has mellowed. However, sometimes he still shies away from human contact and hisses at me when I try and pick him up. The plus side is that he loves to be cuddled and will purr loudly when I manage to get him on my lap for a cuddle :P

I've finally found a potential adopter for him (I can't keep him as I already have 2 cats+1 dog and live in a condo), but I'm still worried about whether he can ever be as tame as a typical housecat, even though I've already told the adopter that the cat isn't that friendly (yet).


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clap.gifclap.gif I just LOVE hearing wonderful rescue stories like yours heartpump.gif AND a big WELCOME to TCS wave2.gif !!!! I also have a feral that once had a broken leg sniffle.gif that healed crooked. Break's my heart at the pain they had to endure shame.gif

This kitty definitely will become more and more loving over time. Awww He sound's like a love. The hissing upon trying to pick him up is VERY typical. AND actually, most feral's won't even allow that in this short of time or ever. Since he now will purr and cuddle in your lap (once you get him there laughing02.gif) this will only continue to develop into more trust on his part and realize HOW wonderful it feels to be loved by a human. Make sure you tell the new adoptor's that he will regress totally in a new environment and basically starting over. BUT the good news is - that he already knows how wonderful and kind human's are, so the process in the new home will move much more quickly than right after his capture. They must keep him in a small room to start and spend tons of time in that room with him. GOOD FOR YOU clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif You have done a fantastic job with this lucky boy. biggrin.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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I agree.


Yes, so are the shy cats...  So can also shy home cats do even if they do love their Parent.

If the new owner accepts to have a shy cat, they will work this out.  It will take some time and much love and patience, but it will be much easier for next person, ie the adopter.

He can also cheat some and use a Feliway diffuser....  :)


Owning a shy cat is a joy in itself. They give you your friendship and love because you had earned it. Not because this is thursday today and you happened to pass by.

But when they do come to you, lies between your knees to sleep there - you know you had won...


Be sure the adopter knows this!   :)


Tell the adopter also heshe is welcome to participate here.



Good luck!  *vibes*

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thanks for the feedback! I will let the adopter know :D


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Great - and I think the adopter might love to know about TCS too. Please pass that info. along to the new family. happy2.gif
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