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We had a woman pick up a kitten last night. We had thunder and lightning all night. The next morning she wants to return the kitten! She said she though she was ready to care for a kitten, but she works all day.

Our contract says
This kiten/cat may be returned at any timefor any reason. However, the seller is not obligated to return any portion of the purchase price. If the seller deems it proper to refund the purchase price in part or in whole, such funds will not be issued until a 90-day quarantine period is completed along with certification of health from a licensed veterinarian.
Seller section says

Should the buyer decide that (s)he can no longer care for the kitten/cat for any reason (s)he agrees to surrender the kitten/cat to the seller without refund of purchase price.
Do you think we should return any money? We now have to seperate her from her siblings, pay for a vet to give her a full panel and She will be 3 months older before we can sell her. She is already nearly 5 months old now.

Why do people "think" they can handle an animal then change their mind? She even said she had dome a ton of research before deciding to get a kitty.

I'm spitting nails right now! Would we be wrong to not refund any money?
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Hell no.

That from both Tybalt and I.

So that's two votes!
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If this is costing you financially (or timewise), why would you give her a refund?
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I don't know , but .... I know a pure breed cat cost a lot of money . I may would give her half , IF and only IF the cat is in perfect health and the other half has payed the vet bill and your cost you had . But that is just me a mittle class person , that don't have a hole lot of money talking .
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You don't owe here anything. . .it's in the contract. Has she actually returned the kitten? In she is demanding a refund before returning the kitten.

If it's in your contract PLUS it is costing you money to do all the medical stuff, you have every right to the money legally.

Assuming she put a deposit on the kitten to reserve it, you have full rights to that too. If you really like her and you think she will want a kitten from you in the future, or you don't want to burn bridges offer her half of the cost (minus all the medical bills). But that's just as a curtesy. You're not obligated. And if she got this far and realized she cannot take care of a kitten, maybe she wasn't a good prospective mommy after all.
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It seems like she has tons of money as she bought one of those colapsable crates that cost about $150 and them plunked down cash. She didn't even have the kitten 24 hours, and yet said she wasn't ready to be a pet owner.

Hubby told her if she liked she could try again over the weekend to see if things went better then. I don't think she will show up at all.

I and my husband told her to make sure to read the contract before signing it. I figure with the vet bills, food and keeping her seperate from the other cats for 90 days will eat up any money she gave us.

I could see her returning it, if it had some trama there or attacked her or someone else. There is just her in her appartment and I even asked if she was sure it was OK with the manager.

Grrrrrr some people are just too immature to realize these are thinging feeling babies.

She paid $400. and returned the kitten by 9am this morning. We had her sign a contract of returning stating what the contract stated so she will have to figure out that the refund isn't going to be very big, if at all.
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How can someone over one night decide they can't care for a kitten? That just isn't enough time at all. When she returned it did she say exactly why? did the kitten cry all night or something? I would not give her any money back until all vet bills are paid and then if there is any left, MAYBE I would.

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There was a huge thunder and lightning storm last night. The poor little girl was crying and I doubt she even tried to comfort her.
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She must not be any kind of animal lover to let that baby cry all night and not comfort her at all. I on the other hand could not stand it and would be cuddling her all night.

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I am sure the kitten was very scared with the thunder and lightning and may have meowed a little . Also it was the first time for the baby to be in a different place , so she was doppel scared . The woman don't know nothing at all about cats does she ? It take about 3 days for a kitten to open really up , so the lady never gave the baby a change to show her/his personality . How sad .... If she has all that money , stick to your contract if you want .
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OMG , your kittens are soooooo cute DragonLady I am in love with the one year old alter female (calico ?) . The red alter male look like my Samy I had , I like his lion cut looks so cute on him
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As a breeder Teresa- My Mother & I say NO.

If your contract states that the seller is to choose whether to repay money- then the decicion is in your hands.

Why do you have to quarintine the kitten?

I know thats like one of your "rules" but if a kitten just comes back we normally try and rehome it again before it comes to attached to us... No worries, I was just wondering.

All the best and Keep us updated.

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The girl lived in an appartment and we are not sure what she was exposed to there and would hate to infest the house with fleas or the dreaded ringworm!
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Okay. But would it take 3 months to rid that?

And if she didn't have any aother pets the house would have been rid of most diseases surely.

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I wouldn't give her anything but a hard time. That is absurd that she would bring a kitten back the next day. It sounds like a case of buyer's remorse.
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With fleas it's easy to treat and ringworm would mean treating the entire house hold. There is also several illnesses that I don't give shots for like feline lukemia as I don't let my cats out. If she hasn't been in her appartment very long there could be germs from a previous cat.

We had a puppy that died from distemper and couldn't get another puppy for a year as the germs could live that long.

As we have more than 10 cats/kittens the vet bill would be astronomical!
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You know DragonLady you are right . It take 2 years for the feline lukemia to get out of a rug . Yes , you may want to wait and test her and retest her again after a while . And you sure don't need to get the other ones infectected . You better wait , for your cats sake . The more I think the more I agree ... I would not give her any money back ...
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I want to thank everyone for their opinions and advice. I think we will see what the test results say and go from there. I doubt that she will get even $100 due to the travel, time, vet costs, and just the stress she is having to endure without her siblings to play with.

I'm glad I'm not considered unreasonable for not refunding the purchase price. Now if I can just find her a loving home!
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Poor Sandie!
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I can understand why you would be anxious to have your thoughts straight on the matter, before being confronted with who knows what expectations on the part of the buyer. But I found those quotes from your contracts very straightforward: there's no doubt in my mind that the contract she signed puts the ball squarely in your court, i.e you are not obliged to refund her a penny. Now, if the circumstances are such that you are interested in some brownie points, you might consider what portion of her payment you might be willing to return -- but only as a PR gesture, not because of any real or perceived entitlement. She is not entitled. And she strikes me as a poor candidate for pet ownership. There's my two cents. Good luck.
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Originally posted by DragonLady
Poor Sandie!
Is that precious little girl, the kitten this lady doesn't want anymore? She's crazy! However, it's probably better for the kitten not to be stuck with that lady any longer than she has to be. Poor little cutie.
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How could you not fall in love with that sweet little face?
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Nope. I wouldn't give any of the money back. If you feel any compulsion at all to give any of it back I would make it a partial portion. After all, you have to now care for the kitten again and find another home for it. Plus the contract is very clear!
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OMG , she is soooooooooo cute . I can not belive she did not keep her .
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Stick to the contract, get the cat back, and bugger the refund!! You are in the right on this one all the way!
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Your contract IS very clear on this issue, and IMO as long as you have a signed one with her signature then you should be covered. Now, on the business end of it, I think that you should take into account the amount of money it's going to cost you to ensure she is in good health, and whatever is left over you should return. While I think you are perfectly within your rights,as per the contract, to not return any monies, it would be a nice thing to do to ensure your good name in the business world of catteries. I should think there would be little left over anyway, and if presented properly to the buyer, you'll have someone who would walk away with a smile, rather than having bad thoughts about your cattery and possibly spreading the word.

Just my thoughts....
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Ack anyone who doesn't fall head over heels for that face certainly doesn't deserve such a beauty. You might want to think of it this way, would you really of wanted such a person to keep this little angle. It might have been a blessing in desguise that she brought him back, while agree with the problems its caused it might have saved this baby from a home totally lacking in love.
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