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Winsor Pilates

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Has anyone tried this? I've seen their infomercials late night while snacking on Nutella (hazelnut/chocolate spread) and I keep thinking, Daisy Fuentes does look a lot better than her MTV days, so I'm wondering if it works. I would like to purchase it from E-bay though since it is cheaper. What are your thoughts?
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I love Nutella!

I have heard that Pilates is excellent a a strengthening and lenghtening exercise, but it doesn't build muscle. I haven't tried it because I always buy exercise stuff, use it a few times and then give up. I need to learn how to motivate myself!
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I was not aware that that kind of spread was on ebay - I may have to try and see if I can get it over here.
I have, however, tried the pilates thing and to be honest, all I lost was money. I would seriously recommend if you want cardio - TAE BO - I have two dvd's of it and 20 mins of that and I have lost weight as well as shedding clothes with sweat.
Pilates is as much about breathing, TAE BO is a martial art that you can do in your lounge. I would recommend billy blank for motivation. Although you will never look like him - apparently you are female and that tends to change things a bit - you will benefit massively and he does make you sweat. He warms you up, gets you into and then through it and then lowers you down gently (kinda like a hot night really with your other half without the pleasure though) and you have a shower and rest at the end of it.
You will feel great - trust me.
Kev - feel the burn!
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Just want to mention you have to not be a klutz to do tae bo - I nearly killed myself!
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I have lost weight as well as shedding clothes with sweat.
You mean, you take your clothes off while doing Tae Bo? Or you lose them?
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Naked tae bo - won't certain body parts jiggle too much?
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Mine certainly would!
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LOL!!!!! Ya are silly!!!!! Well I was looking to strengthing, especially my abdomen, after having a baby, there isn't much muscle tone whatsoever. If I had the money i would do plastic surgery but i would prefer to exercise since it's cheaper.
The infomercial looked like it could tone up a lot on the body.

hmmm tae bo?
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Tae Bo gives you a complete workout - neck, arms, legs , ass, stomach- you name it - I meant I ended up removing my T shirt when training. If I did it naked I would get smacked in the stomach a lot (ooo - err vicar)as well as a lot of strange looks.
Its not rocket science doing tae Bo - its a good physical workout - 20 mins a day and you lose weight doing it, firm up the muscles and tone up which most women want to get rid of the baby fat - expenditure on DVD are cheap enough to not break the bank.
I would go for it - I can see if there is anything on kazaa I can download for you to try if you like and then email it direct to you.
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Originally posted by adymarie
Naked tae bo - won't certain body parts jiggle too much?
Now you got me thinking - wonder if my wife may go for it - i will happily hold the water bottle for her !

you really have a one track mind girl - I LIKE IT , I LIKE IT
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Well when you are trying for a baby a one track mind helps!
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Originally posted by adymarie
Well when you are trying for a baby a one track mind helps!
I recall them days a few years ago. It was great
There was one time that my father flew in from Toronto - dont you hate pearson airport - too big - anyway - we were trying for a baby and all was going very slow in that dept.
Well we stayed in a hotel and my father was in the next room. Anyway, you know as the mood takes you -it did in the middle of the night and we were silent with it.
following morning dad decided to wind us up and announced at the hotel breakfast bar as we were helping ourselves to a huge brekkie - that he had heard us that previous night. This was accross the bar with about 20 people sat eating.
I shot back that we had been very quiet and had not made a sound when I realised that dad had been joking and I had just placed my size 12s in my mouth. I went bright red, carol dropped her tray in surprise and i died a thousand deaths.
dad flew back end of the week - we skipped brekkie - two weeks later - carol was pregnant! She told me on new years eve and I was sent home in shock from the office.
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awwwww!!!! LMAO!!!! your dad was fuuuuny!!!
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tae bo is on e-bay but which tapes would I get?
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
tae bo is on e-bay but which tapes would I get?
I would start with surprisingly enough - no 1!
Each dvd or video has a workout and also at the end an in depth detailed look at each excersise and how to do it safely. If you cant do a particular excercise - you go as far as you can and that is positively encouraged.
You will learn to stretch, control breathing, punch safely (it helps as well as self defence which in this terrible world state - it helps for women to know) so your arm does not break free of its socket.
The whole work out is constant and moving, you are encouraged to drink water, take breaks and enjoy it all of which I am starting to do again. Am limited in range of motion that one part of me can take for a while -
I would go for the basic video / dvd and try it for 21 days - stick with it and watch the lbs drop off.
I have placed a stack on of weight and need to lose it just as soon as everything has fully healed.
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I do pilates and it is great. I am a bit over weight but my muscle tone is excellent. It lengthens your muscles and is really good for strengthing your abs. It really creates defination on your stomach, you won't lose weight but with the toneing you could drop a dress size. I also find it very theraputic. I would recomend it to anyone. I have a bad back and by strengthing my stomach & back muscles it has really helped my back. If you stick at it it is sooooo worth the money.
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