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Brushing? So much hair!

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My once blue couch is now permanently white. I swear I cant seem to get rid of enough cat hair. I brush Morgan a lot, so its not him. Its Abby. I cant get her to let me brush her well. Ive tried different tricks, the only thing that seems to sort of help is feeding her a can of wet food while trying to sneak in brush strokes. She does this thing though where she will duck her whole body down way low to avoid the brush touching her. It also puts her in a bad mood in general, so Ive been skipping it. Ive tried different brushes and even pad things you put on your hand and stroke the cat with. Doesnt help.
Should I just give up and resign to cat hair and hair balls all over now? Any other tips or suggestions? Im not a neat freak, but the amount of hair all over is starting to drive me crazy Does anyone have a very good vaccum to reccomend? Something under $200 that does well for cat hair?
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Have you ever used something called Zoom Groom on kitty? It's the best! It's this cat shaped pink rubber brush you can by at Petsmart, Petco. Personally if others would not have raved about it I would have passed it by. Used what I thought was the best brush around and could only get a hair or two out of Loki, but when I used Zoom Groom the whole brush was full and I mean full of hair !!!

I also use it on my couches - it's better then air Vaccuum I have ever used!

The best part Loki LOVES it !!!
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I hadnt heard of it, I'll check it out and see if I can find one. Thanks
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The cat brushes don't always feel so good with the metal bristles. I always use a comb and them a natural bristle brush. The groomer is another way to go too.
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Hmmmmm interesting . I also will ck it out at petsmart next week when I get my catfood for my babies
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Here's an example of the Zoom Groom brush:

Zoom Groom

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Hmmmm you sure that works ? It sure don't look like it .
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Yes, I just bought one this evening and WOW -- I can't believe how much hair was in it!! And both cats seemed to enjoy it! I plan to use it often, it seems like a great thing!
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OK , I sure will look for one and try it out
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Looking at that link, I do have something just like it. It worked really well on Morgan, but he lets me brush him with anything. Ive tried it with Abby and she still hates it. I tried 3 different types of brushes too, a hand glove thing, a metal bristle one, and a plastic bristle one. Im stumped. I think she just doesnt like anything touching her, even my bare hand sometimes. I guess Im resigned to constant cat hair from her. Oh well. Thanks anyway
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Sam also hates being brushed. I use a zoom groom, so that at least when I do get in a couple of swipes, I am doing the most good.

I have a routine now, and I think/imagine that things are improving. First of all, I only brush him in one place, and that is not where he eats or sleeps, so he does not associate the dreaded brushing with other more pleasant activities. I brush Bailey first (she loves it) and Sam watches. Intently. Then I get a handful of treats, and I brush him with one hand, and feed him treats with the other. Then a few treats with out brushing, just to reassure him that treats don't always mean brushing.

This seems to be working a bit. Some days he is really resigned to the whole process, and other days he is feisty, but we do this every day, and I manage to get huge mountains of cat hair out of the two of them. And I figure that every small bit helps.

Oh, and while I am brushing him, I always talk to him, and explain, this is for your own good, this is good for your tummy.
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