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New addition to the Superbowl.

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This just sounds wrong! Again taken from cp24.com
Pigskin Fantasy

Are you planning to go to the 2004 Super Bowl? Well you may want to now. That’s if you like the idea of two teams of models playing each other in a special halftime football game – in their underwear. Yup, you read correct. The contest is called the Lingerie Bowl, and it ought to be thrilling. But there’s just one catch. Like many other unforgettable spectacles, you can only get it by ordering pay-per-view. Who’s playing? The entire roster hasn’t been revealed, but the starting quarterback on one side will be Angie Everheart. On the other side, it will be a lady who’s having second thoughts about suiting up. Nikki Ziering says she’s “quite scared†about playing such a rough sport in her bras and panties. She’s praying the game doesn’t leave her bruised and bedraggled. Who is Ziering? If you saw American Wedding, you may remember her as the stripper-cop. So she’s used to being seen by millions in the near nude. We here at SBT suggest they line the field with goose feathers. That way, if the ladies fall, they can always say they were able to 'touch down'.
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i have watched the super bowl for many years now and i have never heard of such a stupied thing,,, is this a joke? i really hope it is...
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As long as their are women (actress/model/wannabees) out there willing to do this sort of stunt, looking to resusitate their waning careers, then this sort of thing will go on.

The bottom line is if they don't make enough $$$ off the pay perview, then they won't continue it. Let's hope the target audience is too cheap to want to pay for it.
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