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How stupid can a person be?

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I got this from cp24.com and just had to shake my head at the stupidity!

Accidental Snip

When the doctor calls your name, be sure there’s no one in the waiting room whose name sounds something like yours. Why are we telling you this? Because a case of mistaken identity cost a Brazilian man his child-producing abilities, when all he went to the doctor for was an earache. The unexpected vasectomy took place last week in the town of Montes Claros, at the clinic of Doctor Jose Carlos de Espirito Santo. The manager called Aldemar Aparecido Rodrigues' name, but instead Valdemar Lopes de Moraes, 39, walked into the room. “He was called by the full name and yet thought it was him. But the strangest thing is that he asked no questions when the doctor started preparations in the area which had so little to do with his ear,†Vanessa Guimaraes said. “He later explained that he thought it was an ear inflammation that got down to his testicles,†she added. De Moraes hasn’t requested the operation be reversed, but this week he came again to the same clinic for that earlier scheduled ear exam. That suggests he believes the mistake was an honest one, one that he may be willing to live with, considering he already has two kids. Still, a local newspaper apparently reported Moraes was going to sue over the mistake. But Guimaraes said he didn’t mention anything about it. Probably out of embarrassment.
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Maybe Valdemar thought the doctor was an alternative doctor, and he was looking for an accupressure point to relieve the ear problems????

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that is so funny I got to cry
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I guess he couldn't hear very well with the ear ache!
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must not have been able to see or talk either!
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I guess he was stupid enough to get himself out of the gene pool!
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OMG!! how could a person be so dumb?? this is one of the best stupied things ive heard
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OMG! How funny is this! What a Dumbass!
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