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Actor Arrested After Fatal Action Scene

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I just seen this on Yahoo News. This seems rather odd to me!

First of all, if it was a prop gun...are those able to be loaded with real ammo? Second, why would someone load it will real ammo? Should this actor go to prision over this? To me it really depends on if he KNEW there were real bullets inside or not.

Things just aren't adding up right to me...what do you think?
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That just doesn't seem right. Obviously there was no intent to harm - it was an accident.

They could just be looking to get media attention for their movie.
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Aren't the props people responsible for the gun? It really doesnt make any sense to me at all!

How strange.
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You would think after the tragic death of Brandon Lee from a "prop gun", people would be a heck of a lot more cautious!
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Well this happened in Mexico, so no telling who did what. Yeah after Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee, you would think there would be better pre-caution.
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The first thing that crossed my mind, too, was Brandon Lee's tragic death filming The Crow because of a blank that was done up wrong. There weren't any charges filed, were there? I don't remember.
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Lots of actors have been killed by prop guns and blanks.
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People can be killed and/or severely injured by blanks.

During 12 years of performing in gunfight reenactments, I've been powder burned and stung by tiny bits of shrapnel. Blanks can set your clothes on fire, if fired too close.

Back in the '70s, an actor named John-Eric Hexum was playing Russian roulette, with a blank-loaded prop. The force of the blast impelled a piece of his skull into his brain, rendering him brain-dead.

One of my friends almost lost an eye, when the wad from a blank shotgun load hit him. One-half inch higher and the eye would have been gone.

Even props and blanks should be treated as the deadly weapons, that they are.
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