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Need positive prayers/vibes...the fires continue...

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The fires continue to be a threat in British Columbia. Now they are surrounding the town of Kelowna where my 75 year old aunt lives. I haven't been able to get any info on where she is at the moment. I'm hoping she was evacuated safely.

Can you send positive vibes that these fires will finally be under control and so many people won't lose their homes? It's such a scary and tragic thing to happen. They have already evacuated 10,000 people.

Here's the updated news story:

What a horrible summer for Canada as a whole. First SARS, then Mad Cow Disease, the economic fallout of the tourism industry, the blackouts, and the fires. I for one am glad this summer of disaster is coming to an end.

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I am sending postivie energy your way, and cooling thoughts for those fires!
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I will pray for your aunt and everyone else affected by these fires!
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Sending good thoughts to your aunt. I hope they got everyone evacuated safely!
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More vibes coming from California
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Sending my prayers to your aunt and all people there in the danger of fire , , may their angel watch over them .
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Stay Safe vibes going out to your aunt and all those affected by the fire.
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Yikes Kass!!! Positive thoughts and prayers heading out to all. I certainly hope you aunt is ok.

Keep us posted! (((hugs)))
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Oh No! That's really scary! I'll pray for your aunt and hope she doesn't get affected!

Mega Hugs Kass!
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Sure do understand the fire threat as we have had our share and it frightening. I'm sorry you have to experience the devastation. I always pray for all the wildlife that are killed as well as the people who lose their homes. Hold on, it will go out! And then the cleanup begins.[IMG]C:\\My Pictures0039\\Angels_blinking_angel_prv.gif[/IMG]
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Major prayers going up!!!!!!!!! Is there any news???? My thoughts are with all involved in this!
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Fire Be Gond Vibes going your way!
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Sending prayers to everyone involved.
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I have a Grandma, a Grandpa and an Aunt that live in Westbank, Kelowna! The fires are so horrible! Major vibes going out to all the people suffering in this horrible time...
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My husband found this:

If you're interested in some pretty detailed information about the Okanagan Mountain fire -- including lots of snapshots and satellite photos, thermal maps, etc -- check into

One section that's kind of cheering is the one that sets out the various services and donations that local businesses are providing free of charge to evacuees.


We have a close friend whose family live in Kelowna. As of this morning they were not directly affected, but the evacuation area was moving in on them, so who knows what the situation is now. Scary stuff.
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Oh Kass, I'm just now seeing this! I'm so sorry!!!! Any news yet?

Prayers for all affected - especially your Aunt!
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My friend's relatives are being threatened by this firestorm as well. Such dreadful devastation......prayers are flying for all-
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Just found out through my uncle that my aunt in BC is fine. She actually sold her house 2 months ago and moved out of the area. She didn't send her change of address cards out yet!What timing!

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. The people in effected by the fires really need them.
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Kass..that's wonderful news about your aunt!!!

Will continue sending prayers out to everyone else affected by this.
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Prayers still going up for these people! I am so glad your Aunt is safe!!
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