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She really is normally an angel!

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Hello - Sam here just posting two pretty pics of my "Taitirohanga Legally Blonde" or Muffin as well call her and check this out- Muffin did this to me 5 minutes ago when I was holding her and the dogs barked, talk about sore!!!!!!!

I had just wiped her eyes so she looks really cute.

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OUCH! I bet that does sting a bit!

She's such a cutie! She's got such an innocent face...obviously we know that's not the truth!
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OUCH!! She looks so sweet!
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Man! That looks like it hurts. She sure is a sweetie though.
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oooowie Sam - she sure got you a goo one!!

Make sure you get some disinfectant on those scratches.
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Wow she really ripped you open didn't she? Get some antiseptic and clean that real good so it want get infected.
She is a really pretty girl to boot,she has a little devil in disguise thing going on
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Woah! Owie!!
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Thanks Everybody- Muffin is the most placid sweet baby but she just got a fright!

I'll clean it up - soon as!

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i bet it must hurt a lot...she looks so sad in that photo...she has that guilty yet repentful look....
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She is pretty, but those scratches aren't! I hope you cleaned them well!
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Ouchie wouchie! Fluffy left marks on my tummy like that the other day....She is so beautiful though!
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I think I'm in love with your kitty....She has the same "innocent" look that my Yum-Yum does......It's just a cover-up for her horns though.
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Thanks Guys!- I'm going to clean them up right now..

Muffin sends her thanks
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She's a beautiful cat Sam. I hope you put some peroxide on those scratches. You don't want them to get infected. I know even the sweetest most gentle cats can get a fright. When we had a big earthquake here in 1994, my Snoopy took a flying leap and latched on to my back with all four sets of claws.
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Ohhhh Hope that must of hurt *ouch*, it's like at 4'o clock in the morning when a set of claws land in on your eyelids then you know all about it...

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Aaaawww, Muffin is beautiful Oh, your arm, ouch!!
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Thanks- I agree she's so pretty!

OMG! SK i'm cracking up so much at your "ouch" after the spam thread!

Thanks Hun!hahahahhaa!
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oh what a pretty cat! and so cute!
Who would have thought such a sweetheart wouold do such a thing! Still with a face like that i'd forgive her
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