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A new friend...

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Hello everyone

Well it is Thursday morning here in Oz and I have been meaning to jump on and post this all week - I hate been understaffed at work - it makes me very busy!!!

My friends got a new cat on the weekend, she had been dumped at a vets and they were going to take her to the RSPCA (a kind of kill shelter) if they couldn't find her a home.

They think she is about 7-months old and when they agreed to take her, the vet and my friends wanted her desexed before she was taken to her new home. When they went to desex her they found she was pregnant, so the poor little thing had just been aborted and desexed the day before I took these, plus she was trying to get used to a new house.

Her name is Tori and she will be one of the most spoilt princess cats around knowing my friends... I am so glad that she has a new life.

Even when I met her, though she was nervous she enjoyed a head scratcb and purred!!
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and another couple of pics of Tori...
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and another with her tongue showing - soooo cute!!
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Tori is just completely beautiful!

Congrats for rescuing her!
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Oh she's beautiful!
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Oh she looks like an Angel!
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Her stripes are so cool! Good solid coloring! Pretty!
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What a pretty girl! And lucky too, to be going to a good home. I love the tongue pic!
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Awww she deserves a wonderful life poor little girl. She's lucky to have you and vice versa.
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she isn't actually mine - she has gone to live with friends of mine.

We have five animals at our house already and my hubby says 'no more'!!

She is super-sweet though isn't she and these friends will treat her like a princess - it must have been her lucky day I tell you!

Here is another pic of her exploring her new place. She will be an inside cat and I don't think it will be long before they will decide that they need to get her a buddy!! YAY more cats I say!!
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She's a lovely girl. Sounds like she'll have a fine home.
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she's a sweetie...
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Look at the coloring on her - just beautiful!!! Tell your friends we need more people like them!!
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That side picture shows that she's even more gorgeous than I first thought. Those markings! Wow!
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