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Vibes going out so Earl will get rid of all the 'gooey' stuff!

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Val, do know how to do postural drainage? My oldest son was asthmatic and prone to pneumonia. I would have him lay on his stomach, chest and shoulders, hanging off of the edge of the bed. With cupped hands, pound moderately hard on his back, while he coughs. The pounding and the force of gravity help get the "gooey" stuff out of the lungs. A wastebasket, lined with paper towels makes a great spittoon.

As long as the sputum is white, clear or yellow - OK. If it is green, pink or (God forbid) red, get him to the doctor.
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Although it's not a good thing that Earl's sick, I'm glad to hear that you now know what it is. Sending get better thoughts (and clear lung thoughts-I've had bronchitis and I can't even imagine how horrible pneumonia must be). Big (((((hugs))))) for you, too!
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Originally posted by valanhb
Just wanted to give y'all an update on Earl. (Sorry to interrupt the coversation. )

You guys were right, he has walking pneumonia. Our Dr. is so awesome - when she realized that we are self-pay, she gave us all the meds from her samples. Well, everything except some cough syrup with codein, but that was only $11.59. He is now on antibiotics (Omnicef), two inhalers (Advaire and Proventil), an expectorant (Liquibid-D), the cough syrup and tylenol for the fever. He's sleeping very well right now.

She also gave us a discount on the office visit, which still ended up running $90. (Ouch!) But with all the drugs she gave us, it could have been much, much worse.

She did question a bunch about West Nile Virus, and said he may have it but there's nothing that she can really do about it if he does, save the 'scrips she gave him already. She said to watch him and if he takes a nosedive to take him to the ER. God I hope it doesn't come to that! guys got a steal when it came to those samples! The omnicef is over 80 bucks, the proventil is cheap...around $17...but the Advair is between $120 to $150 depending on the strengths!! I'm not sure about that cough syrup though...hadn't heard about that one before.

It sounds like it was a good idea to take him in. That walking Pneumonia is just as bad as the regular kind. Hope the med's kick in soon for him! OH..I don't know if the doc told him about the Advair, but after he uses that make sure he rinses out his mouth. If you don't, it can cause thrush (fungal infection of your mouth). It happens quite often and I got thrush when I had's not much fun either.
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Pneumonia - ick! I hope Earl starts feeling better soon.
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My offer of some $$ still stands for you love to help you out a little. Let me have your mailing address.

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I'm so glad that you decided to take your hubby to a doctor.
What a relief.

I once had Pneumonia (the walking type).
It came on so fast. . . and knocked me for a loop
I wasted my entire week's vacation prior to Christmas flat on my back!

I knew I had something more serious than a cold or bronchitis. . . my lungs were making crackling sounds when I exhaled and I had a high fever that preceded this for several days.

Your husband is fortunate to have a caring wife. . . and doctor.

My best to both of you.

(P.S. - West Nile Virus? Scary. I was also thinking of SARS when I first read your thread).

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For anyone who has had pneumonia....

How long does the fever last? I'm about to the point of taking him to the ER, but I don't know how long the fever sticking around is normal??

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The fever is part of the immune system fighting off the infection. How high is his temp? Over 101, get him into a TEPID (not cold) bath or shower, for about 15 minutes.

I've never had pneumonia but a couple of cases of bronchitis have had my temp up to 104, for about 24 hours. Feels good when that fever breaks, even though I had to take a shower and change the sheets, at 4:00 a.m.
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Well, he's had the fever of over 100 since Thursday morning. It topped out at 103.7 last night, and we did the shower and tylenol thing and it dropped down to 101.

I just talked to the on-call doctor and even she suggested taking him in to the ER. The antibiotics apparently aren't working for him.

Thanks for the answer Cindy.
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I'd follow the doc's advice.
You don't want to mess around here.

Good luck.

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Heidi - get him to the hospital! Adults are NOT good with sustained fevers!!!!!!!!!!

GET WELL NOW vibes going out to Earl. Gary had walking Pneumonia - it is NOT something to fool around with. It really knocks you out, and it takes a long time to recover. I'm so glad he has you!!!!

I'm so sorry to hear he's not better! You poor things - and especially poor Earl!
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Been gone for a while, mostly because - I had pneumonia. After this, I'd say it's not something to play with. I just got bad shortness of breath, in addition to "normal" flu (pretty high fever, cough etc) but I went to see the doctor. A few hours later, I was admitted to the hospital. Antibiotics IV, some breathe-in drugs, painkillers, the works. Four days in hospital, got home for 1,5 days, symptoms came back, so back to hospital it was. That time I was there for over a week and had a heap of tests done. Like the nurses kept telling me, even today pneumonia is not something to play with. Well, after two sorts of antibiotics IV, and two kinds orally as well, a broncoscopy, CT scan and heaps of xrays later, I agree. Oh yeah, and three weeks of sick leave from work I'd just started.

The hospital visit was in May, and now I'm finally starting to feel absolutely normal. So it takes a long time, make sure your hubby realizes that. It just takes your strength away. But I have to say that once they got the IV going and proper drugs at the hospital, I felt a whole lot better, and the fever went down pretty fast, in a few days.

Have to say I'm grateful medical care is almost free here, have to pay something for hospital visits, but not much.
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IMO the ER was less than helpful. They gave him an IV, and ran a bunch of tests to come back with the same thing our Dr. said....he has some pneumonia in one lung. Basically they just told us that the antibiotics hadn't had enough time to really work, take Tylenol for the fever and that's it. I have no idea how much that will cost since they will bill us for it, but at least we can make payment arrangements on it.

Earl seems to be doing much better today. He still has a bit of a fever, but it isn't nearly as bad as it has been the last two days so I guess the antibiotics are starting to work. He was up most of the night coughing up the junk in his lungs, so I think that's a good sign. Of course, that also meant that I was up most of the night too, so I'm really tired today as well. He's been sleeping in between coughing, which is also the best thing for him.

Hopefully this means he is over the worst of it.
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Oh Heidi, I hope so!!!!! Pneumonia is such a toughy!!!!! It does mean lots of sleeplessness for all involved. I'm so sorry ER didn't help and turned out just to be another un-needed bill. I still think you did the right thing though - much better safe than sorry.

Poor Earl and Poor Heidi!!!!!

I hope he continues to heal, and fast!!!!

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Hows things today Heidi?

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Thanks for asking, Kev.

Unfortunately, Earl isn't better. In fact, I think he's worse. We have another doctor appointment (a followup from Friday) with our regular doctor today. His fever has been really bad, but so far Tylenol and Advil have been able to control it. But if we miss that every 4 hour window by even 1/2 hour it spikes back up. He's been coughing so much that his throat is now swollen.

The ER did run a bunch of tests, and according to the little handout they gave us, he has viral pneumonia. Which mean antibiotics don't do a thing to fight it. So I guess we will have to wait and see what our doctor says.
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I've just found this thread - I hope your husband is doing better!
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