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toilet training?

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Has anyone had success, or frustration, with toilet training your cat? Is it very hard to do?
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It should come naturally to your cat as long as it is old enough. By 12 weeks they should totally trained.
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LOL Only have seen it done on "Meet The Parents" but have read that it can be done. I had enough trouble training my kids. . . .
Wonder if they have a "Once Upon A Potty" version for Kitties!

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You mean training the cat to use the actual toilet that we use as humans? My cat once drug a towel over the toilet bowl and proceeded to poop on the towel, but that's the closest I've ever seen to cats using the toilet!
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REAL toilet training. Like Mr. Jingles. I saw the kit at Petsmart, but was like, 'no way is my cat going to do that!' But today I saw her licking some litter off her paws. It is Scoop Away brand. I know it can be very bad if they ingest it and I am worried. I dont want my sweetie getting sickie.

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The feedback I have gotten from the people I know who bought the book, the video and the training kit, is it works for the cats to urinate, but hardly any of them deficate in the toilet.

I would suggest you change to a biodegradeable litter- swheat scoop, or one made from paper if you are concerned about litter consumption.
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My boyfriend and I were living in a two bedroom apartment with our two precious cats and I quickly grew tired of having our limited space mucked up by stinky cat litter. I came across a posting online, by someone who had successfully toilet trained their cat. It sounded too good to be true and trust me...it was! We first purchased a toilet training kit from Petco I believe it was. It sounded good in theory. The flimsy bowl shaped plastic device would sit over the toilet opening, be filled with litter, and essentially act as an elevated litter box until they were comfy jumping on the toilet to relieve themselves. It didn't take long for us to realize that a thin layer of wobbly plastic was not possibly going to prevent our kitties from dunking themselves in the toilet. We didn't even manage to punch the first hole out of the training aid before we threw it away. We decided from there to attempt the impossible on our own. We journeyed to Wal-mart and purchased a large stainless steel mixing bowl that fit quite nicely inside the toilet bowl. We filled it with our Swheat Scoop cat litter and had the kitties using it as though it were a regular litterbox in no time flat! We were thrilled they had adapted so quickly. Once we were really sure they were happy with that arrangement we proceeded as the article online instructed and began lowering the level of litter. The process became a bit messier but our kitties were still ok with the change. Once it came time to replace the litter in the bowl with water, they had had enough of our experimenting. We took the bowl away altogether and they would hop up on the seat to pee just fine, but the position for pooping was a different story. They had a difficult time balancing on the rim and at the first sign of water splashing their little tushies they freaked out. Eventually they began peeing in the toilet but pooping on the floor. I even went so far as buying a motion activated frog that ribbited when they were in the vicinity so I could catch them in the act, but it wasn't enough to fix the problem. We returned to a normal litterbox and when we purchased our new house in March tried out the "one and only cat toilet" which was another headache altogether. After that fiasco we wised up, bought a Littermaid, and the four of us have been happy ever since Hope my experience in this department helps! hehe.
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Russell has gone and used the human toilet twice now when the seat was left up. We didn't train him at all. It's not something that I want him to do either. Yes, I know it saves on the kitty litter bill and less cleaning up etc but I just worry about the little guy falling into the toilet bowl.

So the toilet remains off limits.
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This is why I love when kitty litter is on sale!!
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