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Hola! Skipped this part and jumped to the Health & Nutrition section with my questions..

My name is Yvan, and I live in Winnipeg, MB.

I have 3 cats, the first is a 1/2 Siamese, 1/2 Sneaky Cat named Loki, the second is Tabby names Socks, and the third is a Calico named Callie.

Callie is the oldest and was rescued by the Humane Society, and my gf wanted another cat so we adopted her, and we just found out that she is epileptic. She seems to be doing better now though..

Loki was rescued from a person I met who was not treating her well. I went to his place for coffee and saw how badly Loki was being treated and how stressed out she was. I was so upset by this that I cat-napped her! Anyway, she is much happier now, and Scott & Beth have decided after a few threats from me that they are much better off not having pets.

Socks was picked up as a kitten and has grown (and not stopped growing). He is a very healthy and arrogant tabby who has decided to allow us to be guests in his home :P

Anyway, just figured I would tell you guys about my cats
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Welcome Yvan , glad to meet you and your cats .
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Welcome to the site Yvan! Sounds like you have quite a furry family.

I look forward to getting to know you, Loki, Socks and Callie on the boards!
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Welcome to you and your cats!
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Welcome aboard
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Welcome! What nice descriptions, can't wait to see pics. We have 3 too, the threesome-fearsome!
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Welcome to TCS Yvan!
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Welcome Canuck!

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Welcome! Hope to see some pictures soon!
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