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Moving Day Approaching

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I don't know if you remember that I am moving this month. Well in the next 2 weeks. It is only next door but I am so nervous about it. The reason for this is I don't want my cats to get outside. I am afraid that when I move they may try to get out. Right now I live in am upstairs apartment. They can not get out. When I move the door is in the kitchen and very easy for them to get to. Any sugestions for keeping them in after I get everything moved in? I will keep them in one room with a closed door until we have all of our stuff in but after that what can I do?
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I don't know what advice to give you, as I have never had this problem before!!!! I can sure see why you are worried, but I would think once the babies get used to this new "move" they would not run away!!! I will say a prayer!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted!!!!!! I will worry!
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I have 6 (that seems funny to say - had five until rip 2 moved in 2 days ago!)that do not go outside. My husband cut some plexi-glass and put if over the bottom 1/2 of our kitchen screen door to keep our critters from getting out through the screen. He fastened it using those swivel screen holders for windows. They can still look out at the world - but are not in danger of pushing the screen out. Hope this may help. Good luck with your move - that is soooooooo stressful!
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I would definitely tag them just in case they do get out. Also, when they come near the door, I yell NO in a very stern loud voice. They know it and run in the other direction!!!!
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