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Beautiful new feral on board

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She has been showing up reguarly now for a couple of days, I still cannot get close to her, but she is a long-hair moo kitty and she keeps shaking her head. So either she has been in a fight, or she got stung or she has ear mites. This morning she actually stopped in mid-flight when I called out to her, but when I tried to get close enough to her she ran off. I am guessing she is a she, at least she looks and acts like a female. One of the prettiest ferals I have seen in a long time. I hope to gain her trust in the next few days and try to help her out. Thank God Kitten Season is winding down. I don't need any more kittens!
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Bless your heart MA . I am sure she / he is pretty , maybe you can snatch a pic of the cat sometimes . Yes MA there are to many kittens all over us . To sad that people are not mature enouch to take care of their cats . I hope you are able to get to take care of her and maybe to trust you . Poor thing .... Thank you for all you do for the ferals .
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ohh she sounds so pretty! I would love to see a pic!
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OOOOHHHHHH!!! I LOVE moo kitties!!!

Once she trusts you, can I be her cyber-auntie??
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Fans of the black & white kitties here, too!!!!!! Mary Anne - where's that digital camera?

Any further sign of her?
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No but another showed the other day. This one looks like a minature Kabota with shorter hair! I have to say I wish they would stop coming. I need to try and find out the source of where they are coming from and see if I can tell the person to stop breeding this colony. I did notice down the road the other day they are tearing up a farm. I know the farmer has recently died and the kids came in right after the funeral, sold his herd of cows and are now demolishing all the barns. My guess is they have sold the land to a developer, and I wonder if the cats might be displaced now and coming here? Someone has made a ton of money off the timber on this man's land too. Makes me so sad to see those century old trees chopped down and carted away!
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That sounds like a very likely scenario, that's for sure. And what a terrible shame - for the cats and for the trees.

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As hard as it is with all these new mouths to feed and privates to snip, at least they are finding their way to a place where they'll be cared for.
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I feel so sorry that those cats have no home any more , how sad . To bad that those relative of the farmer did not catch the cats and found places for them . That would have be the right thing to do . I guess money is more importend to them
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Well money is important to me and we don't have much!

We will get by though, we always do! But like I said, I just wish they would stop coming. I had to go and buy more food yesterday and I had bought a large bag less than 2 weeks ago!
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MA i must say i really do admire what you do for the ferals. you truly are a kitty angel, and i can see your compassion for these animals from your posts.
There are not enough people out there like you.
Where i am in London there are no ferals whatsoever thankfully. When i hear of the problem that you have where you are i truly wish there is something i could do to help.
God bless you MA, you truly are something special.
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MA , money is important to all of us . We cant do with out it . Sorry if it come across the wrong way the way how I wrote . What I mean is that : for some people money means more then any thing els in life . I hope I explain it better now . Sorry again MA .
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