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New member- Former stray Gracie's loving owner

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Hey everyone!


My wonderful kitty Gracie used to be a stray cat. My parents and I moved into a new home and after about a year she wandered onto our porch and kind of adopted us. While I was away at college, she attached herself to my dad. When I came home from college, I replaced him the cat's meow ;) She's my cat now, there's no doubt about it. She follows me around, she cuddles with me when I sleep, she's my cat and I'm her human.  Since she adopted us as her humans, she's been indoor/outdoor. 


Anyway, I need some advice.


I love this cat with all of my heart, and I will bend over backwards for her, spend every last penny on her if I have to.


We're moving to a new area, unfortunately.We let her outside frequently, but she spends the nights and cold or rainy days in the house with us. Moving to a new area, I want to take her with me but I'm nervous about uprooting her from the surroundings she is familiar with. We have to stay with my grandmother for a few days until our new place is finished being renovated, and we brought Gracie with us. I don't want to let her out in this neighborhood, just to move her again to a new one, I think that's too much.


So here's where it gets sticky: My grandma has two cats and a dog (which will need to be put down very soon, unfortunately sniffle.gif ). As if that weren't enough, my sister just sent us her young Golden Retriever from California. She had to move into a place that couldn't keep animals, so she sent him to us. He's very bubbly and obnoxious, as he's still kind of a puppy and hasn't had much human interaction. He's also not had ANY interaction with other animals until we got him just a few days ago. Gracie is TERRIFIED of him.


So right now, my Gracie is safe and warm in my Grandmother's bedroom, and she's been here for a couple of hours now. We took a towel from the carrier we used to bring her over and brought it to the other animals so they have a chance to smell her.


BTW - the new neighborhood we're moving too is RIGHT off of the freeway. I'm really nervous about her being outside in that neighborhood. Would it be too much to just keep her inside? I feel like it would break her and that breaks my heart.


Gracie is the first cat I've taken responsibility for-- I've honestly been a total dog person until Gracie found us, but now she is my entire world.



Any advice from fellow cat-owners? 



Sleeping :)


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No, don't let her out in this temporary setting. She may get confused. And when you move again, keep her inside only for some time until she understands it's her new home. Personally, I wouldn't let her out with a freeway that close, ever. She will adjust just fine to living inside (most do). However, sometimes they do get a bit antsy, especially with a move so be careful with her around doors/open windows.

As for the dog....take both the cat and dog to the new house together. This will be neutral territory for both of them and may help them get along better. Teach the puppy manners through training and never, ever allow him to chase kitty. If you have never done training with a dog, make this your first one, it will help with the transition.

Again, DO NOT let kitty out in this new setting. And then when you move again, keep her inside as long as possible....forever if she'll agree.
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First, let me just say I am so happy for you and Gracie finding one another. She sure came to the right place to be rescued!

I agree with keeping her inside,especially now. If she is content in your grandmother's bedroom, let her stay there. She is safe and you have peace of mind. Moving can be hectic and chaotic, it may be a good idea to leave her where she is until you are settled in, and then move her in a secure carrier.

I would absolutely try and keep her indoors from now on too, a busy highway makes me nervous. If you feel she still wants a taste of outdoors, there are some very nice outdoor cat enclosures that would keep her safe. I have one on my deck and my cats love it. They can get fresh air and be outside, and I know they are secure. I never leave them unattended, and they are content.

I hope this helps a little, and with winter coming, perhaps Gracie will decide indoor living is all she needs.
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Thanks for the advice!


Gracie is doing well today. We had a bit of a rough morning when my Grandma forgot to close her bedroom door and one of the other cats went in. Once that crisis was averted, Gracie was back to her adorable, cuddly self. She cuddled with my grandmother during her nap, right on her chest, a woman she had never met before, which I take to be a positive sign that she's doing well.


After some consideration and conversations with my parents, I agree with you both-- I think it's time to take the outdoor out of the scenario. I don't want to lose her, and being that close to the freeway is frightening.



Yesterday I was frantic, worried that I might have been doing something wrong. Thank you both for the help, I feel much better.

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HI biggrin.gif and welcome to TCS clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif I was going to say please.gif keep her indoors from now on biggthumpup.gif but you already have decided to do that!!! GOOD FOR YOU clap.gifclap.gif. Since you are moving to a new home and new environment, your kitty will have a whole new world inside to explore and make her own. Get her a couple of tall cat trees and place them by the window's so she can view the outdoor's that way. Lot's of toys, cat cubes and cat tents, and have an interactive play session with her every evening - or better yet - twice daily clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif You will be keeping you baby safe and free from the danger's of the outside - and there are many, many danger's for her out there agree.gif!!! And just keep Gracie in her own private suite biggrin.gif at Grandma's house away from the other pet's. She will much appreciate her own space and be more comfortable. Much luck to you and Gracie biggrin.gifwavey.gif
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