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New Introduction

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Hi all! I was recommended to this forum by Elinor...I hope that's her name here. We are both part of Chins and Quills, which is a web site for chinchillas and hedgehog owners. I am already in love with this site! Anyway, I am a student and I own two cats. One male tabby and a female calico. Their names are Max and Sydney. They are my babies, along with my chin Diego, my golden retreiver Taz, and my jack dempsey (fish)Jack. I look forward to spending more time on this forum and talking to all of you! Bye for now!
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I'm quite new here myself. It's nice to meet you! I look forward to hearing your stories and getting to know you! I'd love to see pictures of all your babies sometime! This place is awesome.. everyone is so nice, friendly, and they give the best advice for kitty care! I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do!!

"Better to be thought of a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it"
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Candy!!!!!!!! Welcome!!!! I feel kind of responsible for you being here.... * *
I am the one who showed Elinor....who we love so very much here, this site, from meeting her on Chins & Quills!!!!!!!

I am sure alot of you are wondering what the heck is a chins & quills site....well.....it is short for Chinchillas and Hedgehogs...(quills...lol)

I have 2 pygmy hedgehogs myself, and that is the first forum I ever started out on....then Jim (frappydoo) posted in Chins & Quills, and invited us all to come visit Frappydoo...a great website....no longer, sadly, where I happened to meet Anne...and she posted about her newly started catsite...and I joined immediately!!!!!!!!

Funny how one thing leads to another!!!!!!!!!!

Candy....do tell us about your Chinny!!!!!!!!
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Welcome Candy I hope you enjoy it here. I look forward to hearing all about your babies!
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You will love this site and will get so much support and information here!!

Welcome to the kitty party.... :icecream: :pinky:
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:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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Welcome!!! Hope you enjoy it here.

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Candy; A Big TLK Welcome to "The Friendliest Site on the Web" ! ! ! ! Posting here is so-o-o-o-o-o much fun. We LOVE new members 'cause "Welcome" posts give us a chance to make new friends and learn about their cats and other pets. Plus, we get a chance to make some of our favorite "SMILIES"!!!!!!

Here are some of my favorites; showing
up to say "HI"
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Welcome to the Cat Site! You'll love it here. I thought it was funny that you have both a Golden Retreiver and a Jack Dempsey named Jack. My neighbor and good friend also has a Golden Retriever and a Jack Dempsey named Jack. She actually has two, the other is named JJ. Anyway, welcome!
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Thanks for the warm welcome! Debby...my name is Candycane on CnQ. Here's a picture of Diego.
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Here's a picture of Sydney, posing in her sock box. She loves to curl up in it, even though she barely fits. It sits on the very top of my desk...it's like her throne.
P.S. Her nicknames are Priss and Princess...can't you tell?!
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This is Taz!!
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Last but not least, this is Max. I am very partial to Max because he is the first pet that I have picked out and named myself. I guess he's the first pet that is really MINE. Sydney was picked out by my bf. Anyway, back to Max, he is a reformed wild kitty. His mom brought him to a lady in the country. He had never had human contact. I wasn't going to take him, because I knew he'd be a handful, but he was extremely small. He looked as if he was a month younger than his siblings. So, long story made short...he is very special to me. No one else really cares for him because he doesn't really care for anyone but me! Ok, here he is.
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Candy; All of your "Pets" are adorable. They all look quite intelligent, healthy, and "Well-Loved"

I can tell by the look in Max's eyes that he knows how LUCKY he is, and that is why he is so DEVOTED to you!

Isn't it wonderful how each one is DIFFERENT yet SPECIAL in their own way?

(Sydney is an ATTRACTIVE )
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WELCOME CANDY!!!!!! Glad to meet you and all your babies!!! What cuties they all are!!!!!! We are so glad to have you. Hope you enjoy it here. Everyone is so wonderful!!!
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Your babies are absolutely beautiful! Sydney is very much a beautiful lady. I'm very much an animal lover! Thank you for sharing.. they are all spectacular!

"I can't complain, but sometimes I still do." --Joe Walsh
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Sidney, Diego, Taz and Max are all beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! I don't get on C & Q hardly ever anymore...since I am so busy here, but once in awhile I poke my nose in...I am Debby there, also!
Glad you have joined us!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! It's nice to meet you. You've a bunch of characters in your keep, that's for sure! I love the way Max handles photography, looking very formal for his portrait!

So, you've no hedgehog? I knew a hedgehog named Sonica many years ago. She lived at a veterinary where I worked. Petting a hedgehog is quite an experience! Now, are there any porcupines in that "Quills" group?

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Well Joe...I have 2 hedgehogs....no porcupines, though!!! :laughing:
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Mr. Cat, I do not have a hedgie even though I'd really like one!! Thanks for all the compliments on my sweeties!
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Please accept this belated "You're welcome!" (I've been gone for several days.)

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