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very sad.. beware

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I mentioned this in the spam thread but got the story mixed up.. I met bf for lunch and he explained the story to me.

He was coming home from my house to get ready for work and he was late. On his way home, he was passing a field and noticed two dogs very intent on something. Apparently someone put their cat in a pet carrier before they dropped it off. These dogs broke into it and were ripping it apart.. He honked and the dogs ran, but it was too late for the kitty

He said the dogs were very big and didn't have collars so he didn't know if they were owned or not, but they were in a field so he thinks they were either lost or wild.

I can't believe someone would leave a cat in a cat carrier!! WTH! Can you imagine how that poor thing must have felt when two vicious dogs were attacking it while it couldn't even RUN??

The only other thought was that maybe it was on someones porch and the dogs took it, but i couldn't really see a dog carrying a pet carrier off to a field. Or maybe they thought if they left it in the carrier someone would pick it up....?

People are strange.. I am so sad right now
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OMG how terrible

How the heck did the carrier end up in the middle of a field???

Never mind, I don't even want to know. How sad.

Can you report it to your local SPCA?
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That's like the story in the news awhile back about a person who put a cat in a carrier, loaded it up with rocks, and threw it in the water!

I don't know how people can even live with themselves after an act like that. It would haunt me forever.

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This happens all the time sadly in my area- and I am putting this into Crossing the Bridge, so hopefully the kitty will get the respect from our members that he/she did not get in life. May you be pain free and frolicking in fields of rainbows little one and the gentle souls you meet from now on, may they erase the painful memories you hold of humans who do not even deserve to breathe!
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OMG! how horrid! that poor cat must have been terrified! WTH is going thru peoples minds when they do things like that! sick S**S! I hope that it comes back on the person who left it there three fold!
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This is so HORRIBLE!!!!!
Cats give us sooooo much unconditional love and trust and ask for so little in return. Only a f****** IDIOT would do such a terrible thing!!!!

That poor kitty really is a special little now!!!
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I'm so upset because when i drive from my house to his tonite I'm going to have to see the beat up cat carrier unless someone has moved it which I really doubt. I know I'm gonna burst into tears..

It keeps running thru my head, what if that was MY cat, I keep hugging him and he probably thinks I'm crazy. I'm so glad he doesn't have to fight to survive..

I'm gonna say some kitty prayers and I know he's in a better place where he doesn't have to be neglected anymore.. I just wish he hadn't died in such a brutal way
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How terrible. Maybe you could get the cat carrier and make a memorial for the kitty. To lay your thoughts to rest and honor him.

RIP little kitty.
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I would report this to the local police and the news. That justifies animal cruelty charges in my opinion. Whoever put the cat in the field should not be let off the hook!
Please report it!
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I'm bawling!

I think this is a horrific act and as a cat lover makes me so upset.

I'm sorry your Boyfriend had to witness this.

I'm saying a prayer for that little kitty before I go to bed tonight ...
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OMG!!! how could anybody do such a thing???
I just wish for the kitty to be at the bridge now, happily playing with others...no more pain and scares. i'll be praying for it..
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