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Excuse me for venting, you're probably tired of hearing my horror stories of work now, but I have to vent or I'll go mad!
This is my ONE day off with S/O and so far my crew chief(shift manager) has called me to ask1) if I would consider her friend for employment and 2) the fan on the front line stopped working, and should she change it or call the other crew chief in to do it? and when it IS finally done, should they put the broken fan in the shed or toss it out?
I'm serious. this is my management staff when I am not there. I have one that can't read, two that haven't finished high school and four that can't spell for diddly(deciphering the managers log is oh so much fun every morning).(there are four all together, one just got promoted god help me, not my choice, my reginal managers)
they call me all the time! I can't get a moments peace when I am off. to ask me stupid questions like this. and if I tell them to only call me if it is am emergency or if it is important, they will go crying to the RM and tell her I told them not to call me for anything! I hate my job and I want to fire the whole management staff and start with people who have brains! I got a call last night at 12am(they are supposed to be done no later then 11) asking me where an invoice was or if I had any ideas where it was. No joke. When I told him I wasn't there and had NO idea, he got mad and told me he didnt' know where it was and he needed it to complete his computer work. of course he didn't LOOK for it and asked him if he looked on the desk, he said"well no should I?" mind you I WAS asleep when he called,and even I knew where to find it. in the same place we have been putting invoices since he started 4 years ago! Just for the record, these aren't high school kids either. these peoples ages range from 48 being the oldest,30, 30 and 27. HELP ME! I'm going to go mad!
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Originally posted by jugen
....I WAS asleep when he called,and even I knew where to find it. in the same place we have been putting invoices since he started 4 years ago! HELP ME! I'm going to go mad!

I went mad awhile ago. Come join me!!

Rob is a Quality Manager for 2 wood furniture manufacturing facilites and you wouldn't believe the stories he tells me. He wants to fire everybody and start over with a new staff too.

My sympathies!

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Maybe Rob and I should join forces! then we'd have a decent management team! to bad you all live so darn far away! LOL!
Poor guy, tell him I feel for him and I REAALLLLYYYY do understand!
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If I believed in past lives I'd say you had alot to pay for from mistakes in a past life in this one! I vote for fire them all!
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I tell everyone that I run a daycare here at our store.....for adults!
You'd think that men and women over the age of 25 would have some sense of how to to do things, and what to and not to do BY THEMSELVES!
BTW...not! One of my girls (32) didn't even know how to plunge a toilet until I taught her a couple of years ago . I like the idea of firing them all and starting anew, but I am afraid I'll wind up with worse that what I have now !
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is that possible???
I forgot to add, that my RM Used to be my manager so that's another reason this job sucks!
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is that possible???
I'm not sure, but I don't want to take the risk !
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Oh God ! I have only been a assistant housekepping manager, for a week and a half! Please tell me it can't get ant worse than it have been this past week and a half!!
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Can't do that I'm afraid Sherral. It only goes DOWN from here! at least if you work where I do! you might get lucky and get compitent people and not have to much to worry about.
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It takes all kinds to make the world go round!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
It takes all kinds to make the world go round!
I think some of them have been around and around until they've spun their brains out !
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Originally posted by KittenKrazy
I think some of them have been around and around until they've spun their brains out !
I like that. it ALL makes sence now! LOL!
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Oh Barb....I am so sorry you are having such a rough time with these people!!! How irritating that must be to have people call you at all hours of the night needing help with such things.

If it helps at all....please feel fortunate to even be in such a position to have the power to fire someone. I wish I was that high up on the ladder.
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Debby, sweetie, I could only WISH I could fire them. I have to talk to them and then to the RM and THEN to them both at the same time! tell me that doesn't suck!
I took today off( I needed a break) and sinfully took the phone off the hook again so I didn't have to deal with them, and just for sugar and giggles I checked my cell phone and surprise surprise there are 3 messages from work, one is "if you're looking for this and that, I moved it into the cabinet" two is just a hangup(you waited that long, why no message?), and 3 I gave some stranger your cell number. Condy said to. she was mad about some food she was supposed to get and since noone knows anything I decided to call Cindy and that is what she said to do". morons! all of them! Now since the one I trusted to keep all my secrets has left, I have noone to vent on and that sucks even more now! I now have a staff I can't trust at ALL now. there are four of them and two are dating and two are related. Pretty crappy odds for my side don't you think???
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Barb, if it weren't so sad for humans as a race, and if it weren't so upsetting for you, I'd laugh because it's so pathetic.

I am so, so sorry you have to suffer through the insanity of corporate structures!!!!!!!

But count me in the DO PEOPLE HAVE NO BRAINS?!?!?! camp today!!!!!!!!!!
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Barb, I'm glad you took the ringer off, I was going to suggest that. Or get call display - it is SO WORTH IT! My work calls for stupid things too, but when I'm off and someone else is in charge THEY can handle it, DON'T call me.

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